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A look at governors vetoes
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The governor’s vetoes of legislation:
HB 119 - Would have given a 5 percent increase in the minimum salary of justices of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Superior Courts and District Attorneys.
Funds would have to have been available in 2010 budget.

HB 373 -Would have allowed retirees of the State Patrol to return to work and continue to draw retirement

HB 887 - Would have created a master settlement agreement advisory committee on tobacco use prevention and control programs

HB 978 - Would have required impoundment of vehicles of drivers caught driving without a valid license — now at the discretion of the officer

HB 1027 - Would have allowed habitual offenders to take online courses to satisfy court ordered education for highway offenses like DUI

HB 1116 - Would have raised the daily subsidy for local jails holding state prisoners for pickup from $22 to $25 per day

HB 1129 - A sales tax refund bill that would have applied to certain large tourism industries

HB 1217 - Would have created a state board of home inspectors and required all to register with the board

HB 1249 - Would have created several new tax credits for solar energy companies locating or expanding a headquarters in Georgia

SB 196 - Would have expanded the college (HERO) scholarship for dependents of active duty soldiers in Georgia who were killed in action or disabled.

SB 345 - Would have mandated Georgia’s participation in an interstate compact that seeks to adopt uniform policies for children of soldiers who move frequently

SR 820 - Would have created a Joint House-Senate study committee reviewing actions and policies of the Department of Natural Resources. Excluded the executive branch from the committee.
2009 budget and legislative review — Week 6
Technical College System of Georgia (Renamed by SB 435)

The 2009 budget for the Technical College System is $371 million state funds, or 1.8 percent of the state budget. Total funds are $621 million or 1.66 percent of the total state budget. Key additions to the 2009 budget include:
• $200,000 to create a post graduate training program at Chattahoochee Technical College to further train engineers in the aerospace industry.
• $500,000 for administrative expenses for new or existing regional high school career academies

Construction/design projects at Athens Tech, Appalachian Tech-Cherokee Campus, Albany Tech, Southeastern Tech, Lanier Tech-Forsyth Campus, Lanier Tech-Dawson Campus, Gwinnett Tech, East Central Tech, Chattahoochee Tech - Mountain View Campus, Southwest Ga. Tech and Atlanta Tech.  

$15 million to fund construction costs for five additional career academies (Lt. Gov. Cagle’s initiative).  

Major renovation and repair costs system-wide totaling $12.2 million.

Legislation passed in 2008 session
SB 492 - Legislation passed which allows high school students to joint enroll in a technical college and the courses taken during high school do not count against the HOPE Scholarship hour limit of 127 hours
Also, SB 492 contains these changes:
• defines “eligible high school” per accrediting agencies
• defines dependent student, emancipated student and independent student
• independent student gains residency for in-state tuition after one year