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Above and the great beyond
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I don’t want to take anything away from Whitney Houston’s talent, but I was really taken aback at how she was put on a pedestal after her death.

Like she’d become Mother Teresa all of a sudden.

You think Momma T. would sit next to Oprah and describe how she would put cocaine in with her marijuana and then explain how to roll it up and "ahhhh" smoke it?

"Oh, we partied!" Whitney exclaimed, laughing and easing back into her chair.

I’ll bet she did.

Then the news comes that Davy Jones from The Monkees has passed away.

Not that I was ever a big fan, but he was still performing and putting on good shows and giving great interviews up till the end.

Not sure how or what he died of at this point, but I don’t think he’s going to be mourned the way Elvis was.

And come on now, Whitney was no Elvis.

She was a good singer and a mildly decent actress, but her lifestyle the last 10 or 15 years was less than spectacular.

I just can’t wrap my head around people fainting and shutting themselves up to grieve over her passing.

Did I miss something?

All I can say is ... "whatever....’"

Never saw "The Bodyguard," and probably never will. Mainly ’cause Kevin Costner is in it and I never thought he was all that great an actor.

I did enjoy Whitney’s performance in "Waiting to Exhale," but other than that, she was just OK.

I wonder how Celine Dion is preparing for her own demise, ’cause you know girl, she is not going to be outdone by Whitney Houston.

Anyone who would have her wedding veil sewn to her scalp is surely coming up with a huge sendoff.

No doubt she’ll have a big honkin’ funeral barge built to be sent down the River Styx in Las Vegas, while one of her crappy songs plays from megawatt speakers all along the riverfront.

What? What was that? Oh! Hahaha! Yeah ... not a fan of Celine Dion either.

And give me a break over that dang movie "Titanic" and her horrid theme song.

It’s like having a cat jump on my head and dig its nails in every time I hear it. Thank heavens I always have the opportunity to turn to a different station or pop in a CD!

I’d take "Pleasant Valley Sunday" over that any day of the week.

What the public forgets is that these people are performers. Entertainers. Not gods or goddesses. They perform and they get paid well, if they’re decent enough.

I mean, look at Madonna.

She’s still prancing around at the ripe old age of 53, and although I enjoyed her songs the first few years she was on the scene, I do not dig her music anymore.

I still like the early stuff, but pretty much anything after "Vogue" is just yuck. I gotta give her creds for making a big name for herself and being top dawg in entertainment, but I just wouldn’t bother purchasing a ticket to any of her concerts. Rock on, Madonna. May the force be with you.

I know, I probably sound like I’m jealous of all their creativity and fame and fortune, but I’m really not.

I am a little jealous of Momma T, though, ’cause she didn’t bat an eye about doing anything that most folks would balk at.

I don’t have that kind of muster. Thank goodness she did, because many people benefited from her benevolence.

She didn’t worry about her hair or makeup, she had much bigger fish to fry.

She had a pretty big ol’ sendoff. Thousands lined the streets to watch her being ferried on the same pallet that had carried Ghandi. Some big names in government were there for photo ops. The only one missing, it seems, was Princess Diana.

Momma T. died the night before Diana’s funeral.

I understand that Momma T. wasn’t always the sweetest woman on the planet, but when you’re dealing with the poorest of the poor and you need financial support, you can’t be kissin’ babies and doing musical benefits.

She held fast when she had received donations from Baby Doc Duvalier (cretin in Haiti) and would not return the money when it was determined to have been stolen.

"Sorry, sucker ... mine now!"

It’s said that she always had the best medical care available for herself, but would tell sick underlings to pray harder to get better.

Sounds a little Hollywood to me. And hey, why not?

Use it or lose it, sister.

I’d sure like to see St. Peter’s face every time one the celebrity-types shows up outside the Pearly Gates.

"Leave your ego at the door, folks. Jesus Christ is still the only Superstar in this show...."

And we all know, Jesus rocks.

"If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand...if there’s a Rock and Roll Heaven, well you know they got a hell of a band...."

And they’re still probably fightin’ for the spotlight.