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Eenie meenie miney mo
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I’ll be so glad when this election is finally over and done with. I’m way too tired of it already.

I don’t want to vote for McCain or Obama at this point, they’re just spewing the same stuff ad nauseum.

I have to keep reminding myself that there are other people running.

First up: Chuck Baldwin (pastor) and Darrell Castle (attorney) for the Constitution Party.

I know I’m out of touch because I’ve never heard of the Constitution Party, or if I have, I’ve forgotten all about it.

Rightly so.

Running down the list we have: Cynthia McKinney (former Georgia Congresswoman) and Rosa Clemente, a self-proclaimed hip-hop activist. I think a skit about ol’ Rosa on MAD TV would be hilarious. They could parody her doing a puh-puh-puh into the microphone as she hip hops around that dude from Iran ... Akhmanidijabberwocky.

Then we have: Bob Barr (former Georgia Congressman) and Wayne Allyn Root (sports handicapper and TV host) running for the Libertarian party. Interesting combination. Weird, but interesting.

The New American Independent Party is supporting Frank McEnulty as their presidential pick, but he has yet to choose a sidekick. He is also running as VP for the Reform Party, so he is a busy guy. He wants it anyway he can get it.

Not to be left out: Gloria LaRiva and Eugene Puryear, both anti-war and immigration activists, who are running on the Party for Socialism and Liberation ticket. I am so totally not into that so ... I’ll move on.

The Reform Party is sporting Ted Weill, a businessman, for president, and the above-mentioned Frank McEnulty as VP.

Our friends from the Socialist party, Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander, are running too. Looks like our country is headed that way, so maybe they’ll fare better the next go ‘round.

They are not to be confused with the Socialist Workers party, however, which touts Roger Calero and Alyson Kennedy on their ticket. I guess Alyson must not be a member of “the” Kennedy clan. If she is, they probably don’t invite her to the summer picnics at Hyannis.

As Independents, you have your pick of Joseph K. Grimes, the resident Fascist; Alan Keyes and Brian Rohrbough (I think they’re running on the “America’s Independent Party” ... I know, they all sound the same); Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez (used to be with the Green Party); the Prohibition Party, although that doesn’t sound like much of a party, with Gene Amondson and Leroy Pletten; and last but not least, Frank Moore. He is running for president, with Dr. Susan Block as his VP. I think they’re running under the “Porn Party” ticket.

Now, Frank Moore is an interesting character to say the least.

He has cerebral palsy, which has left him unable to walk or talk, but he is able to communicate using a board of letters and a laser pointer. I won’t go into all the particulars of his colorful career, or that of Dr. Block’s, because this is a family paper. If you want to read more about them, there is quite a bit of info about them on the Internet. I would caution you to not let your children look them up. They’re just this side of scary. Nuf said.

I was thinking about the days when Pat Paulsen used to run for President. He was on the “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,” and he probably would have made a very good Prez. He was low-key, well-spoken, and had a sense of humor, something we don’t see the likes of much these days. Although I’ll give Obama his due — he can deliver a line.

It’s kind of bewildering that the media is just jumping all over Sarah Palin’s “inexperience,” when she’s got quite a bit more experience than most of the people currently running for office, so go figure. I still think she needs to get with the program about this being the 21st century and not the 19th, but we’ve all got our own opinions.

I wouldn’t want the job they’re all gunning for, it’s not a very enviable position. At all. The pay sucks, people treat you like dirt, and you get made fun of all over the media. I get enough of that at home.

I hope that the 2012 election will bring some fresh blood to the campaign.

I really think Joan Rivers ought to run.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll drop her a line.