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If the house is a-rockin...
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Don’t bother knockin’. ’Cause we’re dancing like it’s 1999. Or better yet, we’re dancing till the Mayan calendar ends. Which was officially November 6, 2012.

Four more years?


I’m glad I no longer have regular/cable television. I don’t have to see any politicians or anyone in the current administration because I’ll be too busy watching “Drama Fever” on Hulu. For those of you who don’t know what “Drama Fever” is, it’s a whole slew of Korean soap operas with sub-titles, and I’m addicted.

Korean movies are so much better than the ilk Hollywood tries to put out, too. Those Koreans and Chinese can really do up a good thriller or murder mystery.

I got ragged on by Hubs and The Kid for watching something they couldn’t understand, but I kept yelling at their lazy butts to read the sub-titles, so eventually they caught on. Both agreed that it was some pretty decent stuff.

They don’t watch all the time like I do, but that’s fine. It’s a new way for me to have an “escape.” They know better to than to interrupt Momma when she’s watchin’ Korean drama!

Never seen a bunch of people cry so much, either. Even the little kids who act on the shows can really turn on the waterworks! I had no idea that Koreans love a good tear-jerker.

One of the things I like about the soaps is that they’re really clean-cut. No smoochin’, no undressing, no sexin’ up like on American soaps. They seldom even have physical contact with each other.

It’s much easier to understand the drama when they keep it “clean.”

There is a bit of a trend in the dramas, too. There is usually a girl who is an orphan that either finds her family or discovers she’s inherited a huge windfall or is actually a princess. Pretty entertaining.

Lots of antagonists, too. Seems the Koreans don’t like to see anyone get ahead of them in business or in love, so there is a lot of wicked underhanded scheming going on, which creates sympathy for the underdog.

There is a catchphrase in all of the soaps that they use to encourage one another — they smile and say “FIGH-TING” as they pump their fists. And “peace signs” are always prevalent if there is a scene where photos are being taken. They all like to put up the two fingers in a peace sign, even the Halmunees (grandmothers) and Harabujees (grandfathers). The younger men and women refer to elders and “halmunee” and “harabujee.” And if they are close to a friend’s parents, they will refer to them as “Apba” — father — and “Uhm-ma” — mother.

You have to understand why I’m talking about Korean dramas. It’s because there isn’t a good enough drama on American television today that can relate to what is going on in our country.

Sometimes I wonder why I even take the time out to vote, because I think that most elections are rigged anyway. Yeah, I exercise my right to vote, but I queried on Facebook: “Why shouldn’t I be worried about mailing in my ballot? Who’s to say that someone won’t toss it out?” and an answer came back from a very liberal acquaintance who is totally all for the government helping her out because she has “fibromyalgia” and “chronic pain syndrome” and Lord knows what else.

Don’t start sending me hate mail; I know a lot of people who suffer from chronic pain but they live with it. She doesn’t want to. She wants the government to take care of her. That’s what I have a problem with. But anyway, she said, and I quote, “Ellen, they are not opened until after the polls close. When there is a lull in the precinct vote counting on election night, they run the absentee and mail votes. It’s so flippin’ busy no one even looks at individual ballots. I’ve worked for the AP to watch the vote counts and send in reports. The only thing anyone working the counting is even allowed to look at is the aggregate reports. And yes, there are people there to certify all the rules are followed.”

Well, that’s all well and good. But then she posted this the other day, which made me laugh my big fat behind off: “If it is a serious problem, I also encourage you strongly to notify your local media outlet(s). They are looking for stories and, sadly, finding them. But if we the people are going to change ‘laws’ like the one I encountered yesterday that poll workers are allowed, with zero oversight, to re-mark a new ballot in the event they receive one that is unreadable by the voting machine is is your civic responsibility to do everything in your power to change the law.”

Uh huh. That’s what I was talking about. Or something close to it. She commented further that she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. I was surprised too, because she’s a committed Obama acolyte and the folks at the polling station were encouraging voters to vote for him.

All I can say to you folks who voted him in again, I sure hope you’ll be happy with your decision. I couldn’t qualify him for my ballot due to his failure to protect our people in Libya. That alone was a major failure, and yet no one seems to really give a rat’s patootie about it. Sweep him back into office, give him another four years to dig us a hole all the way to China so that we can become like them.

He doesn’t want America to be the greatest country on the earth. No way. He wants all of us to be like all of “them.” The folks in Europe. Who pay 50 percent or more for taxes. The folks in the Middle East. Who want democracy but can’t get it because Al-Qaeda rules or because some other anti-American or anti-Female or anti-Christian or anti-Jewish group is in power. Oh no. He wants US to be on the level playing field with them. Which is why the Moody’s rating took a dive while he was in office, the stock market dropped 300 plus points on the day it was announced he’d be getting another four years.

Where is all the TARP money? Where did it go? Why won’t he answer questions about his failed policies and his failed attempts to win over groups that want to kill us all?

Don’t forget. Before he became a Senator, he was a community organizer.

That’s all he was.

And now he’s our President again.

Holy Halmunee.

Turn on some music. I need to get that image out of my head.