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A vote for Stone benefits district
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Dear Editor,

Georgia’s 12th Congressional district (Augusta to Savannah, west to near Macon) has John Stone running against John Barrow. Voting for Stone, a remarkable man, will be a benefit for this district.

Consider: Barrow jeopardized the safety of his constituents — voted against legislation which provided liability shields for U.S. telecom companies that helped track terrorists; doubled gas costs for constituents—voted against lower gas prices and U.S. energy independence, then took off for vacation; voted to give Georgia PeachCare to illegals; paid for campaign literature with tax dollars; voted against adjusting the Alternative Minimum Tax; voting for minimum wage increase cost jobs; snubbed Georgia Southern, Savannah State University and Georgia College and State University; also spending $20.9 million in earmarks.

Stone supports the above institutions; wants a moratorium on gas taxes; to begin drilling, expand nuclear/solar power facilities, build new refineries, eliminate earmarks, win the war on terror, repeal 2008 bailout; have border control with no amnesty or benefits for illegals; is against NAFTA and the death tax and supports the Fair Tax and second amendment rights. His vision is to have an interstate light rail system between Augusta, Savannah, Milledgeville, Macon and Columbus, to stimulate the economy. Stone is the one to shore up his 12th District with fortitude.

Liz Bartlett