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Businesses should be wary of solicitations for athletes
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Dear Editor,

I would like to thank all of the businesses that support our student athletes by purchasing banner advertisements at our athletic events. This advertisement drive is the backbone of our financial campaign each school year. Without your support, our student athletes could not wear the finest of uniforms, use the best equipment, or play on the most beautiful fields and courts. You make the difference.

I’ve been made aware that several of you have been solicited by private companies asking you to donate money or purchase advertisement space on cups, stadium seats, or cheering items. You may have been told that these would be passed out at games, and your business would be given credit for having donated the items. What they don’t tell you is that none of the money that you give goes to the student athletes. All money pays for the items and commissions of the salesperson who sold the space to you. Again, nothing goes to our school.

If you have participated in one of these programs, we will pass out the items for which you have paid. We owe that to you for your good will. However, I do ask that in the future, please consider sharing some time with me so that I can explain our banner, signage, and matrix board advertisement opportunities. I can personally assure you that all of this money goes straight to our kids.

If you are a business who has not yet participated in our program, and you’re interested in some great advertisement and support of our students, call me at 754-6404.

Tim Hood
Effingham County High School
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director