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Clyo OES expresses gratitude for a great year
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Dear Editor,

To God be the glory for all the things he has done. The ending of the year of 2008, what a great year. Christmas is fast approaching, but as we take a glimpse back over the many things God allowed us to do, and the many people that continually supports the Clyo Chapter No. 297 along with our youth Chapter No. 375, we would like to say thank you.

To the Clyo Lodge No. 262 brothers, we thank you for being our shoulders we could rely on. To Rev. Curtis Warner, Rev. Prince Davis, Rev. Joe Rivers, Evangelist Louise Wright, Minister Linda Nixs, Rev. John Nesbitt, Rev. Delmus White, Mayor Michael Garvin, Rev. Enoss Garvin, Bro. and Sister Franklin Goldwire, Roger Scott, Bro. Pete Louder, R&R Daycare, to the Fort James group for their donation of paper goods to the youth chapter, to coach Clarence Morgan and Jacan Brown for their help and support and the use of the Clyo Recreational Department, thank you. Clyo youth No. 375 won queen district and statewide, our youth won scrapbook of the year in the state, best talented in the state, but most of all No. 375 was named the Chapter of the Year statewide.

We are so thankful for our advisors, Beverly Scott, Clara Williams, W.M. Altena Garvin, Ronnita Kight and LaTasha Jefferson, W.M. Joe Griffin, and our whole community for their support.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

Clyo O.E.S. No. 297, along with other chapters, raised $116,682 for our queen contest. This goes for the giving of scholarships to young men and women to go to college. P.M. Willie M. Johnson, W.M. Joe Griffin, W.P. John Pinkney, A.M. Clara Williams, Lacrease Cope, LaTasha Jefferson, Mary Harrell, Glenda Bauer, Evette Hamilton, Ronnita Kight, Annette, Beverly Scott, Loretta Badger, Arazene Young, Dollie Davis, Wilbert Greene, we say thanks to Bro. Michael Garvin and Smalls Funeral Home for the transportation back and forth to grand session all these many years. God bless you. To the Effingham community, may God bless you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

W.M. Altena Garvin,
Along with Clyo O.E.S. No. 297