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In support of McDuffie for another term as sheriff
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Dear Editor,

In response to a Savannah Morning News editorial, I wish to state my full support of Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie for re-election. The changing needs of Effingham County have been met during his term of office within the limits imposed upon him under the budget approved by the county commission. He can’t spend money he doesn’t have for pay raises or substations.

As far as Sheriff McDuffie’s leadership ability is concerned, there have been numerous arrests for drug possession and meth labs throughout the county. The county has benefited with thousands of dollars in property and cash from these police actions. He has definitely made our county safer for our residents and their children.  

When there was any type of improper conduct by his employees, he promptly investigated and took the proper disciplinary action. His honesty, professionalism and administrative ability are above reproach.

There is no doubt in my mind that Sheriff McDuffie has done a terrific job as sheriff and that he will continue to do so when re-elected on July 15.

Bobby Lathem