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Jones has served city, county well
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Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to Vera Jones, 2nd District commissioner who is running for re-election.

Dear Editor,

Just a note to thank you for your hard work and support of the south end of the county. In the past two years, Rincon has been able to provide better services to the south end of the county and your leadership has greatly contributed. Your wisdom and support during service delivery negotiations not only protected the unincorporated areas from large property tax increases, but also provide needed resources for the city of Rincon that we have used to improve Fort Howard Road, provide additional ball fields at Macomber Park, develop an events park (Freedom Park) and with the future revenues from service delivery, we hope to provide a gym in the south end of the county.

Your recent efforts and support of fire station 4 has helped secure our ISO rating of a 4 (the best in the county), saving not only Rincon resident insurance premiums but also saving the southern district we represent thousands of dollars. Thank you for working with the city on these win wins for our county and city.

Your support and bulldog determination was instrumental in the improved radio tower that was crucial to our police, fire and residents’ safety. No one seemed to listen to our concerns until you took the lead. I know that the Rincon police and fire chiefs are singing your praise. The sheriff seems to be really grateful as well, per a recent conversation with him. I know you’re busy, but yet you find time to support Rincon whenever you can.

The value or your representation for the south end of the county and the benefit we have received is beyond measure. I know the commissioner’s job is a thankless one and most will never notice your efforts, but as the city manager, I have noticed, and our staff and council also have noticed. We regret the attack on your personal integrity by some, but know that we appreciate the good ethics and cooperative attitude you have restored to our local government.

Wesley Corbitt
Rincon City Manager