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Law puts gun owners under the gun
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Dear Editor,

I would like to use this to inform county residents of an ordinance restricting law-abiding citizens gun usage in Effingham County.

There is an ordinance (so I am told) restricting any use of a gun within 900 feet of a residence, and since no one seems to know what the ordinance says or what the intent is, I am sure we need to allow county citizens the opportunity to decide if this is a restriction they can live with.
I will be circulating a petition calling for a referendum to allow a vote on this issue and clarification of the wording and intent.

After having spoken to three different county sheriff’s officers, one said that I was in compliance and not to worry about it, the second threatened an $800 fine and the third one threatened arrest. A judge who recently retired admitted he didn’t even know of the existence of such a restriction and was not sure if it was even lawful. So I am confused.

This restriction has been used to harass me, to maliciously abuse law enforcement process and to waste law enforcement’s time. It is a source of irritation to law-abiding gun enthusiasts, law enforcement and the judicial systems by a few who have nothing better to do than try to impose their will on property owners, while they themselves refuse to abide by the ordinances that apply to them.

Since the restrictions can be used against 90 percent of the county’s long-time residents who have always hunted and enjoyed their own property, I feel it is time we had some long-time residents run for county commissioner seats.

Paul G. Martin