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Make a choice for full-service restaurants, lower taxes
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Dear Editor,

Concerning the upcoming vote in Effingham for full service restaurants (I don’t wanna use the “L” word for fear of lightning bolts), it just doesn’t figure how such stiff resistance arrives every time a referendum vote comes up.

OK, so Effingham is a rural county with heavy Bible belt trimmings, but the influx of  families and workers filling highly technical and skilled jobs in and around the county, the vast improvements of the local school system and the ever expanding housing market all point to a population shift ready for positive change.

Do we enjoy paying twice the property tax rate than, say, our nearby neighbors in Pooler? Well, we do. Pooler has full service restaurants, nice communities, good schools, low crime and pay less taxes. So, what are we afraid of? All this sacrifice, for what? Family values?

It’s freedom and choice, so please make a good one.

Charles Hudson