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McDuffie: Patience, diligence needed
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Dear Editor,

As sheriff of Effingham County, I would like to urge the public to have patience with the case involving Philip and Carey Heidt.

I completely understand the desire for a speedy resolution; however, we must continue the investigation and give the investigators and agents every resource possible to ensure that justice will be carried out to the individual(s) involved in this horrific event. There is nothing in this investigation that causes us to believe that anyone else is in harm’s way, details of the case have been kept confidential as with all cases of this magnitude. I feel that releasing details may undermine the integrity of the investigation, due to its complexity. I have complete faith in the investigators and agents who are working diligently to complete a thorough investigation and bring forward the individual(s) involved; they have been trained to accomplish just that.  

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Heidt family, especially during this time of year. I am in constant contact with members of the family and will remain so until this investigation is completed and the person(s) involved is brought to justice.  

Thank you for your time and patience, may your holiday season be joyful and safe.

Jimmy McDuffie
Sheriff, Effingham County