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Mi prison es su prison
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Poor ol’ Bob Newland.

He was busy partying one afternoon … got all drunk-up an’ silly-actin’ … had a few drugs to make the high feel higher … gittin’ down with his bad self … when he happened upon his neighbor, the lovely Miss Carol Sanders Beatty.

He was makin’ a play for the lovely national amateur diving champ and she said, “I don’t think so!’ and tried to make him go away.

She tried to avoid his drunken advances and he didn’t like it. He ended up slashing her throat and stabbing her several times. The cops found her later in her garden, clinging to life.

One of the officers spoke to her and managed to get a name out of her. Most of the name anyway. She was able to say “Bob” and he had to go through the alphabet to get “Newla..” out of her. I guess it goes without saying that Ms. Beatty died several hours later.

Whuddabout Bob snuck off and hid in a crawl space at his girlfriend’s house, but the police caught up with him, and he was sentenced in 1987.
The death penalty.


Mind you, that’s been 22 years ago. He has been in prison that whole time, and the Grim Reaper draws near. He’s filed an appeal, ’cause he afraid of the Boogie Man. He should be.

Now, having done some miniscule research, I just wanted to tick up what the cost of keeping this dude alive has cost the taxpayers of the state of Georgia.

The most recent cost per day I could find was right close to $50. That brings our darling knife-wielding, chest-stabbing, criminal right up to about (ka-ching!) $401,500. He doesn’t want to die, ’cause he knows the agony he inflicted on Ms. Beatty, and his will likely be double.

Well, if I get to be the one to put him out of his misery, I can assure you it will be.

“Oh wait … I messed up … can I pull that switch again?”

He is whining to his attorney that he is “sorry” for what he did, because he was drunk and high at the time, and didn’t realize what he was doing.

I’m sorry, but the first time you slice a knife across someone’s throat, you pretty well know what you’re doing. And then to start stabbing? Yeah, you get the picture.

I just want you guys to think about the cost of keeping people in prison year … after year … after year … heck, it runs into the decades. Why, I ask you, do these people deserve to be kept on a consistent state of welfare? The more people I’ve talked to about the prison system seem to pretty much say the same thing: they’d rather see criminals get shipped off to serve in the Middle East so our good citizens in the military can come home and take their rightful places with their families. Criminals serving in the Middle East or wherever overseas (they do not deserve to serve stateside) would not get paid. They would have uniforms provided, MREs and a cot. And it wouldn’t have to be under the guise of the Armed Forces. It could just be incorporated as a new form of “sentencing.”

My friend, Lea, who grew up in China, has an even better solution. She said they used to march the prisoner into the town square, with his hands tied to a piece of wood behind his back. His crime would be announced and he would be shot on the spot. No fuss, no muss. She said, “Even though I am very Christian in my beliefs, I know I’ll have to deal with God on this issue. But I am sick of prisoners getting away with murder.”
Presently there are approximately 56,000 prisoners incarcerated in Georgia prisons. That costs taxpayers $2.8 million per day. Per day. Times that by 50 states … whew! $140M per day. Exaggerated terms to be sure, but the numbers are staggering, ain’t they?

Times that by 365 and holy smoking Josephina, that’s a truck load of money, my friends. We’re talking about 51.1 billion a year of taxpayer dollahs. Lawsy!

Next time someone asks you “lemme hol’ a dollah”… tell them you paid it already when they were doing time at county.

Think about how it really should go: In 1959, two guys — Harry Smith and Richard Hickock — killed the Clutter family in Kansas. A mom, a dad, a son and a daughter. Brutally murdered. Hickock and Smith took off like thieves in the night. Truman Capote eventually wrote a book about the crime, “In Cold Blood.”

Smith and Hickock were captured and eventually tried in 1960. They received the death penalty and both were executed five years later.

That’s it. Five years. No languishing. No milking money off the taxpayers. They were tried, convicted, sentenced, and executed. Done. Bye bye.
That, my friends, is really how it should go.

Next comes the cost of medical care in prison. There is now some talk of making the inmates pay part of the cost of their meds, which they should, by golly … but you know what? Do what the rest of us have to do … take two aspirin and go to bed. When so many Americans struggle to get or even hold on to their health care insurance, who on God’s green earth wants to foot the bill for prisoner’s medications? Enough already!

What this country needs are more law enforcement officials like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he is one tough nugget. You can read about him at:

Why isn’t Sheriff Joe sitting in that dimwit Panetta’s seat? Because Arpaio is good, that’s why.

Sheriff Joe is getting a hard time from the media and the ACLU. Send him your support.

Make it your good deed for the day. If the thugs knew they were up against a nation of Sheriff Joes, we wouldn’t have so many danged criminals.

I guarantee he wouldn’t put up with any medical care nonsense. Two aspirin and a boot in the behind.

Works for me. Might save me a dollah, too.