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Numerous Senate bills get House approval
Hill Jack
Sen. Jack Hill

➤ SB 182: Encourages the harvest and mariculture of wild farm oysters by providing rules and regulations that allow for commercial oyster farm harvesting.

➤ SB 158: Provides additional safeguards and protections against human trafficking. Extends DFCS’s authority to include providing care and supervision to children who are victims of human trafficking.

➤ SB 97: Sets limits on late payment fees on the monthly rent for self-storage facilities to be a maximum of $20 or 20 percent of the monthly rent, whichever is greater.

➤ SB 31: Removes liability from police officers who are attempting to remove pets from vehicles.

➤ SB 60: “Jeremy Nelson and Nick Blakely Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act”; Requires schools to have informational meetings and training on recognizing warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest. Requires students who exhibit symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest to be prevented from returning to participation until they have been cleared.

The Bible as history

➤ SB 83: Allows schools with grades 9 and above to offer elective courses in the Old and New Testament.

➤ SB 170: Designates the “Honor and Remember” flag as the state’s emblem of the service and sacrifice of the members of the armed forces. Adds special day of remembrance. 

➤ SB 92: Prevents professional licensing boards from refusing to issue a license to person who is in default under an educational loan. 

➤ SB 56: Requires physicians, hospitals, and insurers including emergency rooms to disclose specific coverage. Requires insurers to pay out of network emergency medical costs. Provides penalties for violations.

Monument protection

➤ SB 77: Provides additional protection for government statues, monuments, plaques, banners, and other commemorative symbols.

➤ SB 9: Provides penalties for coercing a person into sharing depictions by phone of an individual engaging in sexually explicit conduct or in a state of nudity.

➤ SB 161: Adds “A” grade for a 0.5 point increase for grades achieved in advanced placement, dual credit, or international baccalaureate courses when calculating the GPA for HOPE scholarship and Zell Miller scholarship eligibility.

➤ SB 175: Requires certain public employers to make employer and employee contributions to the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia for half-time retiree employees.

➤ SB 183: Requires each person who files a Form 1099-K with the Internal Revenue Service to also file an electronic copy to the state revenue commissioner before the federal deadline.

➤ SB 208: Responds to State Supreme Court’s decision that a person’s refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test can be used as evidence against them in a criminal trial is unconstitutional. Requires an arresting officer to read a script to a person suspected of DUI, to clarify that only a refusal to submit to a blood or urine test can be used against the driver in court.

➤ SB 211: Prevents food sellers from labeling food as meat if it is less than 90 percent flesh, offal, or other by-product of a live animal or if it is lab-grown animal tissue.

➤ SB 216: Allows local governments to accept prepayments of ad valorem taxes.

Atlanta airport

➤ SB 131: Creates the Georgia Major Airport Authority and places the Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport in Atlanta under the jurisdiction of the Georgia Major Airport Authority.

➤ SB 108: Requires middle schools to offer exploratory computer science courses beginning in 2022. Requires all high schools to begin to offer courses in computer science on a rolling basis beginning in the 2022 - 2023 school year and ending in the 2024 - 2025 school year.

➤ SB 2: Authorizes electric membership corporations and affiliates to provide broadband services. 

➤ SB 171: Increases the minimum salary for various county government officials.

Term limits for Congress

➤ SR 237: Calls a Constitutional Convention to limit the number of terms that a Senator or Representative may be elected to the United States Congress.

➤ SB 138: Provides disabled first responders free motor vehicle license plates and exemption from state and local title ad valorem tax fees. Exempts all payments to a disabled first responder from state income tax.

➤ SB 110: Creates provisions regarding the new State-wide Business Court.

➤ SB 163: Allows home schooled students to participate in extracurricular and interscholastic activities in the student’s resident public school system.