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Petty cash for the thieves
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I guess it should come as no surprise that there will be little, if any, Social Security benefits in a couple of years. Same for Medicare.

All the bonds that were backing those programs? Tucked away in a little file drawer. But you know what? The government has been borrowing off those funds.

I know. What a surprise, huh?

And the bailout of the banks?

What’s the deal with all that money? Where did it really go? Did the banks really need it? And did the automakers really need a bailout?

Did anyone you know get a check as part of the stimulus? No one I know did.

And what’s the latest with the swine flu pandemic? Has there actually been any recent news on that lately? No. Of course not.

Yet again, it’s just a way to put the American people into panic mode. I mean, if you believed it in the first place. I’m sure there is some type of virulent flu out there, but it could just come from people being in skeezy places and not washing their hands afterward.

Heck, you never know what you can pick up just from a quick shop down at Wallyworld. Ever taken a good close look at those shopping carts? It’s no wonder you see people squirting that hand sanitizer all over the place. Eww.

I was in a McDonald’s the other day and they hadn’t bothered to come out and wipe the tables down yet. You know, it was the middle of the afternoon and kinda slow. I walked over to a table and went to sit down, but decided I might be better off just eating in my vehicle.

Went to the movies on Sunday night … took Sunnybuns to see “Wolverine.” We had the theatre to ourselves for a change. It’s no wonder why the lights are so dim in there. God forbid you should see the state of the seats you’re sitting in. I kept my hands in my lap because I didn’t want to touch the armrests.

I should have brought a big bottle of Windex with me, like the pop in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” He had the right idea.

Every time I felt the twitch of my pants leg, I wondered what might be crawling up it. Thankfully it was just a wisp of the air conditioning.

Speaking of skeezy things, what is the current administration doing to this country? How can they justify spending trillions of dollars … and boys and girls … have nothing to show for it?


My grandpa used to sit in a semi-dementia state and sing over and over again, “Fifteen thousand sto-len … fifteen thousand sto-len …” referring to the wickedly hard-earned money my lovely grandmother had squirreled away and doled out to her children while she was alive. He didn’t understand it and didn’t like it.

Other times he would sit there and go, “Fifteen thousand whaddaya get … n-o-t-h-i-n-g …” and Nana would eventually lean over and pop him on the head with a newspaper. You know, it was just enough to get him to stop.

He’s rolling in his grave right now, cursing what our current administration is doing to this country.

He warned that this was coming. Twenty years ago he said that his country would be in great peril, and that we’d all better run for the hills. Of course, that was after Jimmy Carter was in office, so….

He didn’t like Carter, didn’t like Ford. He thought all the presidents were a bunch of numbskulls because none of them had ever really had a tough job or had to raise their families by scratching mere pennies together.

He did, however, admire Ronald Reagan and predicted back in 1977 or ’78 (after having some Lamb’s Navy Rum) that Reagan would be “The Great One.”

“Best president ever….”

He would have hated Bush, and I think Obama would have put him in his grave if he wasn’t already there.

Sometimes at night when I’m just about to fall asleep, I swear I can hear him in the corner of my bedroom singing, “Eigh-ty bill-yon sto-len…eigh-ty bill-yon sto-len…”.

I know I haven’t seen any of it.

Have you?