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Senate OKs FY13 amended budget
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The Senate passed its committee substitute to HB 105, the fiscal year 2013 supplemental budget, totaling $19.3 billion. The Senate substitute is similar to both the governor’s recommendation and the version passed by the House, but does contain some key differences.

The largest addition is the midyear education adjustment of $167.6 million, which funds K-12 growth. The Senate increased the House’s restorations of cuts to school nutrition programs for a total restoration of $979,000. The Senate version also added almost $4 million for state charter system grants. The Senate also restored the $2.2 million in cuts to Georgia Gwinnett College.

The budget reductions to Accountability Courts were lessened in the Senate version. The bill will now go to a conference committee, where members of the House and Senate will negotiate an agreement on the bill to send to the governor.

Passed Senate and in the House
SB 69 - Provides children in the Juvenile Justice System confidentiality when reporting wrongdoing or abuse. Any employee or officer who breaks the confidentiality may be disciplined or discharged. Passed Senate unanimously.
SB 86 - Allows law enforcement officers to arrest a person without obtaining a warrant if the officer has probable cause to believe he/she is violating a “family violence order” in a non-violent manner. Passed the Senate unanimously.
SB 117 - Updates the “Call Before You Dig Law” by requiring that the location of facilities must be accurate to within 18 inches of the outer edge of the facility. The previous requirement was 24 inches. Passed Senate 53-0.
SB 12 - Encourages schools to create more afterschool programs by limiting the liability for school boards. Allows a recreational joint-use agreement with a public or private group to operate an afterschool program with the option of requiring insurance at a minimum of $1 million in liability and accident insurance. This reduces the board’s liability. Passed the Senate unanimously.
SB 104 - Removes some specific requirements for comprehensive local planning by local governments, so as to ease the burden on local governments. Passed Senate 46-4.
SR 201 - Urges the Department of the Army to assess the socioeconomic impact the Programmatic Environmental Assessment will have on Fort Benning and the surrounding communities, if the cutbacks go into effect.
SB 83 - Adds cremation to the options local governments have for charity cases.
SB 100 - Extends the Career and Technical College Advisory Committee to study and assess the needs and issues of the state’s career and technical colleges. Passed Senate 47-2.

Bills introduced in the Senate
SB 175 - Makes a General Assembly member’s seat vacant 30 days after the member’s filing with the FEC to run for a federal office, unless they have terminated their candidacy.
SB 188 - Allows those with license carry permits to carry firearms in county or municipal government buildings, unless that county or municipality bans firearms through resolution or statute.
SB 190 - Adds gift cards to the unclaimed property act and allows the revenue of unclaimed property to be used for trauma care.

Bills passed the House and now in Senate
HB 178 - Requires that all pain management clinics be licensed by the Georgia Composite Medical Board and requires that any person operating a pain management clinic should be a licensed physician and bars any person convicted of a felony.
HB 126 - States than any person who knowingly obstructs the duties of a park ranger is guilty of a misdemeanor and anyone who threatens or commits violence against a park ranger is guilty of a felony.
HB 254 - Allows drivers the ability to display proof of insurance in an electronic format.

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