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The politics of idiocy
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It should come as no surprise to any of you dear readers that for all my attempting to step back away from commenting on the political scene in our country, all it would take for me to get hopping mad would be two little news items that seem to go hand in hand.

It just begs commentary.

According to reports, Cook County, Illinois, saw 700,000 people going to food banks in 2009. Now remember, folks, this is Obama country we’re talking about. The land of community organizers and ACORN.

Can you imagine? Seven hundred thousand people having to go for emergency food supplies.

Thirty-five percent of those people were under the age of 18.

Nine percent were under the age of 9.

The president of Feeding America says that they expect this will be the “new norm” for the next two to five years.

And it will certainly grow given the lack of viable employment this country is seeing right now.

In the same breath, Governor Quinn of Illinois and Dick Durbin (D) are championing the Gitmo detainees being housed in Illinois to the tune of $230 million.


They want to buy and refurbish some old hunk o’ junk prison in Thomson, Illinois, for the paltry sum of $172 million, and the left over cash would go toward staffing this prison to take care of the 192 terrorism suspects.

They reckon there will be “job creation” coming out of this deal.

Well, how many people will that take care of?

Will it give 700,000 people a job?

Is there any reason to take hard-earned taxpayer money (’cause you know it ain’t coming outta Dick Durbin’s pocket) to retro-fit a prison on U.S. soil so that people who were gonna kill Americans can be treated with a couple of hot meals and soft pillows?

It's one thing when Americans kill each other.

Happens in Chicago all the time.

But you get some thugs who don’t belong here in the first place and treat them like gold — when their last thought before getting shipped down to Gitmo was “Dang.I wish my underwear had exploded!” and expect us to sit down and shut up about it? Say what?

I think its a very sad, shameful, and I mean really shameful, state of affairs.

Here are the country’s two biggest chest beaters about being “community organizers” and “citizen activists” sitting by and doing squat-all about their constituents going hungry.

Yeah, I’m talking about Michelle and Barack.

Where are they when the food banks in Cook County are running out of food and money?

Why aren’t they urging for that $230 million to go where it would be better served?

Why would they sit down and shut up about putting terrorists in their neighbor’s backyards?

I’ll tell ya why.

’Cause they really don’t give a rat’s.

You know it and I know it.

These little newsy nuggets are just the tippity top of the iceberg.

The events happening on our nation’s political scene haven’t really even begun to rear their ugly heads.

The health Care bill? Just wait. Once it’s been pulled apart and read, line by line, you will begin to see the awful truth about government takeover and intervention.

You think the government really cares about you?

Think again. Think really hard again.

Ask Mary Landrieu what she’s planning to do with $300 million that Louisiana got as gratis for playing Pelosi’s game.

Ask Bob Nelson what he’s gonna do with $100 million plus that he got for playing, too.

Do you really think any of that money will go toward food banks, shelters and other emergency services needed for the people of those states?

I highly doubt it.

Are they planning to create jobs with that money?

Don’t bet on it.

Chances are, the administration will tighten its arm-twisting on those two and then demand the money back.


Because the Thomson prisoners will all need new shoes.