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What else became law
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Natural Resources

HB 274 - Allows local governments that have inert gas collection systems to put yard trimmings in landfills. Also extends the $1 fee on tire replacement sales. Effective date: July 1.

HB 277 - In northern zone, allows hunting deer and feral hogs over bait on other than state or federal land if hunter is 200 yards or more from the bait. In southern zone, hunting over bait will now be allowed but not close to other property lines. Effective date: July 1.

SB 157 - Removes the current requirement for cities and counties to report to the Department of Community Affairs the status of solid waste management. Effective date: July 1.

Public Safety

HB 101 - Establishes guidelines for bicycle lanes, clarifies responsibilities of riders and motorists. When overtaking a bicycle from behind, the law now requires three feet of right of way for the bike rider when feasible. Where bicycle lanes are delineated, the bicycle rider has a right to that space.  Limits multiple riders to riding two abreast if not in a lane designated for riders. Provides some minimum safety standards for bicycles and riders. Effective July 1.

 HB 107 - Entitles the surviving spouse and dependents of state employees killed in the line of duty to continue state health insurance by paying premiums at the same rate as active or retired employees. Was effective with the governor’s signature.

HB 203 - Requires the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council to notify a law enforcement agency when one of its officers is being investigated. Also requires the results of the investigation to be shared with the agency. Effective July 1.

SB 95 - Requires employers to disclose employment-related information to an investigating law enforcement agency when hiring or certifying a peace officer. Request for that information must be accompanied by a release signed by the former employee. Was effective at the governor’s signature.

Special Judiciary

HB 40 - Requires antifreeze manufacturers to add an ingredient to make antifreeze unpalatable. Resulted from high profile murder cases where antifreeze, which has a sweet taste, was used as poison. Effective Jan. 1, 2012.

State Institutions and Property

SB 80 - Extends the collection of blood, an oral swab or noninvasive sample from anyone convicted of a felony or previously convicted, who is in a detention facility, serving a probation sentence or under the purview of the Pardons and Paroles Board. Provides for the storage of the sample by the GBI.

State and Local Government Operations

HB 92 - Changes in-person “early voting” in Georgia elections from 45 to 21 days prior to the election and includes at least one Saturday. Does not remove the 45 day period that absentee ballots may be requested and submitted which is important to our military deployed overseas. Effective July 1.

SB 10 - The “Sunday Sales” alcohol bill that allows local referendums for Sunday alcohol sales in stores from 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Restaurant Sunday sales referendums are already allowed. Was effective upon signature of the governor.


HB 156 - Increases the indemnification payments for state highway employees to match those paid on public safety employees. Also includes provisions from HB 168 which changes state law to require motorists to move over when passing emergency vehicles and highway maintenance vehicles on the side of the road.

HB 179 - Allows thinning of trees and brush in front of billboards and requires payment into a beautification fund. Signs above 75 feet must be lowered unless precluded by local ordinance.

SB 57 - Allows school buses to be equipped with video cameras that can take a photo of the tag of vehicles illegally passing buses. The driver of the offending vehicle would be ticketed by mail. Effective July 1.

SB 88 - Extends the age requirement for booster seats for children from 6 to 8 years old. Even though effective July 1, 2011, a grace period with fine forgiveness exists till July 1, 2012.

SB 240 - Legalizes certain golf carts for on the road driving by creating a new class of motor vehicles. Does not include all-terrain vehicles. Must have lights and appropriate brakes. Exempts any city or county that has a pre-existing ordinance. Effective Jan. 1, 2012.

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