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With Crossover Day complete, House Majority Leader Jon Burns updates standing of House Bills
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After the frenzy of Crossover Day on March 3, the Georgia General Assembly returned to the Capitol last week for legislative days 29 (March 6), 30 (March 9), and 31 (March 10).

In the Georgia House, our committees began the process of reviewing legislation passed out of the Senate before the end of Crossover Day, and the Senate started hearing bills passed out of the House. 

Set forth below are some noteworthy bills we passed out of the House, before the Crossover Day deadline, which are under review in the Senate:

•        HB 50 provides reasonable liability protections for those who sponsor livestock activities for educational, scholarship or training purposes. This bill will provide clarity in the law for organizations such as 4-H and FFA.

•        HB 15 would require attorneys practicing in our state and superior courts to “e-file” their pleadings in civil cases, just as they do in the federal court system.  However, this bill would not affect “pro se” litigants – those individuals who chose to represent themselves in court. It is my hope this bill will allow the judicial system to operate more efficiently.

•        HB 280, known as the “campus carry” bill, would permit those individuals, 21 and over, with a weapons carry license to carry firearms on college campuses, but it would not permit the carrying of firearms at athletic events or student housing. The bill would also place restrictions on the carrying of weapons into on-campus daycare facilities. 

•        HB 209 permits a disabled veteran or that veteran’s family to claim a homestead exemption retroactively if the determination of disability made by the U.S. Department Veterans Affairs contains a retroactive period of disability.

•        HB 251 allows Department of Corrections’ personnel and individuals in their custody to enter upon private property during a state of emergency or disaster to assist with property protection, debris removal, restoration of services, and infrastructure repair and relocation.

•        HB 419 increases the authority of local governments to restrict the ignition of fireworks on days other than December 31, January 1, July 3, and July 4. 

•        HB 390 provides that a driver who violates a turn signal or a traffic officer will only be fined $100.00.  He/she will not receive points against their driver’s license unless the vehicle is traveling greater than 5 miles per hour or the violation caused direct harm to a person or property.

•        HB 149 provides for the regulation of trauma scene clean-up services, regulated waste, and transport services by requiring those that perform these services to register with the GBI, pay a licensing fee, pass a criminal background check, post a bond and provide proof of liability insurance.

Last week, we had the pleasure of having two students from Effingham County serve as pages, delivering notes to Representatives on the House floor. Members of the Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy and participants in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Day at the Capitol also visited the office. Additionally, the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Board swore in their newest member, Audrey King of Statesboro. Congratulations, Audrey!

The House and Senate went back into session on Monday for day 32. If I can be of service to you or your family, please do not hesitate to call (404.656.5052), email ( or engage on Facebook.


Jon Burns