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Georgia Tech's Hunt set for senior season
Former Effingham County star cherishes high school days
Cheyenne Hunter
A 2014 Effingham County graduate, Cheyenne Hunt (64) earned his first college action against Tulane in 2015. He has already earned a bachelor’s degree and is a three-time member of the ACC academic honor roll.
I was representing my hometown and wanted to make them proud. It was a special connection to everyone at the game.
Cheyenne Hunt
Although high school football is right around the corner, true lovers of the game frequently look back at the ones who paved the way for their favorite team to be where it is today. Effingham County fans likely won’t forget the name Cheyenne Hunt. He certainly hasn’t forgotten them. “I remember playing underneath the lights every game,” said Hunt, a senior offensive lineman at Georgia Tech. “I was representing my hometown and wanted to make them proud. It was a special connection to everyone at the game. “I remember playing our rivals and thinking it was the biggest game of the year — the amazing comebacks and great games. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. I remember having the strongest bonds with my teammates because they were guys I grew up playing with since I started playing football.” Aside from competing in one of college football’s best leagues, the Atlantic Coast Conference, Hunt couldn’t pass up an opportunity to study at what some people deem an Ivy League school of the ACC. “I chose Georgia Tech because I wanted to further my education and obtain an engineering degree from there,” Hunt said. “Georgia Tech is a highly respected engineering school and I knew a degree from there would help set me up in the future after graduation. Also, they are a Power 5 school in the ACC conference. Therefore, having the chance to play at such a high level was an opportunity I could not pass up.” Playing football is about more than just big wins, Hunt said. “I have been working harder in all aspects of football to earn a bigger role on the team,” Hunt said. “I have tried to lead and mentor the younger guys out. This is the final time I will be doing numerous activities I have grown accustomed to and felt would always be part of my life. I have done and try my best to help out the team in any way that I can. “I do not want to have any regrets that I could have done more.” The Yellow Jackets have had plenty of highlights in ACC play. For Hunt, those are memories he’ll be able to share with his family long after he retires his cleats. “There was flying and beating Boston College in Ireland, winning the Orange Bowl (and) beating Florida State as time expired,” he said. “The two wins against Georgia in their stadium was surreal having watched so many games being played there and having everyone going against you. The most unforgettable game to me was against Tulane (in 2015). It was not the biggest game but it was the first game I played in. It was the fulfilment of my dreams and all the hard work I had put in. “I got to step onto the field and play college football at a division one school. I will always cherish that game.”