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Golden meets for D.E.E.N.O.S. crew
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D.E.E.N.O.S.’ gold medallists from the state gymnastics championships were Hannah Morris (level 2), Taylor Doten (level 5), Alyse Arrington (level 3) and Alyssa LeTourneau (level 4). Not pictured are Caroline Johnson (level 5) and Lindsay Bowen (level 3). - photo by Photo provided
Fifteen girls represented D.E.E.N.O.S. at their respective levels in the state gymnastics championships held in Duluth and Macon this past spring.
When the chalk settled, the girls headed back to Rincon with 10 gold, 10 silver and seven bronze medals, along with a fifth place team award for Level 5.
Taylor Doten, 8 years old and the youngest member of the Level 5 team, won silver on the uneven bars and balance beam, gold on the floor exercise and bronze all-around. 
Ten-year-old Caroline Johnson’s steady beam routine earned her a 9.575 and the gold medal. Casey Meyers tied for second place on the vault in the 11-year-old age division. Chelsea Eddy grabbed silver on vault, uneven bars, balance beam and all-around and a bronze on the floor exercise. The fifth-place team award was the top finish by any team outside of the Atlanta area, and an especially sweet reward for a team of only four girls.
In the Level 4 competition, D.E.E.N.O.S. entered three athletes. Alyssa LeTourneau vaulted her way to a gold medal and also picked up a bronze on the floor exercise in the 8-year-old division. Alyse Arrington was golden on the balance beam and earned the silver in the all-around 10-year-old division. Kylie Neal also competed earning fifth on vault and sixth on uneven bars.
Level 3 Alyssa Jeffers earned bronze on the balance beam in the 9-year-old group. Ten-year-old Avery Adams won bronze on vault. Lindsay Bowen earned the gold on uneven bars, silver on vault and bronze on the floor exercise and all-around for the 12 and older division. Kayla Frady also competed with her top finish on vault.
Level 2’s Hannah Morris swept a large field of 7-year-olds, taking home five gold medals in her first state championships. Morris’ highlights included a 9.70 on the uneven bars and a 37.80 all-around. Annelise Martin vaulted to a silver medal in a very competitive 8-year-old division. Piper Doten was the youngest member of the level 2 team from D.E.E.N.O.S. at 5 years old, finishing fourth on the uneven bars and in the all-around. Rachel Collins rounded out the level 2 team with her top finish on vault in the 6-year-old division.
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