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Walt Lawson
Walt Lawson - photo by Photo submitted

 SPRINGFIELD — Walt Lawson praised Elizabeth Hursey for the job she has done as clerk of Effingham County Superior Court. He said she will leave some big shoes to fill when she retires early next year.

Lawson believes that his experience in the IT world makes him a good candidate to succeed Hursey. He said he has worked more than nine years in the Effingham County School System in an IT role. He worked with several schools before moving to the Effingham County Courthouse in an IT/admininistrative role.

In 2014, Lawson moved to the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, finally getting certified five years ago. 

Lawson said, “I think with my diverse background, with the technology, I’ve been in that seat, I’ve supported the courthouse, and being on the law side now for the last five years, I’ve kind of seen both sides of what we’ve got to cover and I feel like that diverse background will help me support the citizens of the county in a much better role.”

Lawson said that he’s been in Effingham County his entire life. He has volunteered his time in recreation and thinks stepping into the clerk’s role is another way he can do more to support the citizens. 

“What better way to do something that I’ve always enjoyed and, in return, I can support and hopefully benefit the citizens of the county”, he said. 

Lawson also said he thinks his time working with the sheriff’s office has prepared him to work in a busy and stressful environment. He said his background in technology would be highly beneficial to the citizens of the county because he has dealt with its constant changes.

Lawson said he is a family man who loves spending time outdoors with his sons. He added that he’s a God-fearing man.

“This is where I want to be until the Lord calls me home,” Lawson said.