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Guyton voters to head back to polls
GUYTON — Guyton voters are headed back to the polls for runoff elections for the Post 1 and Post 2 Guyton City Council seats. Early voting for Tuesday’s election ends today.The Post 1 race features Tamela Mydell and Marshall Reiser, who finished in a 216-216 tie on Nov. 5.Andy Harville and Hursula Pelote are the Post 2 candidates. Pelote won 202 votes to Harville’s 175 in a Nov. 5 race that featured two other names — Michael Gerwig and Sam Hartis.Gerwig received 42 votes and Hartis withdrew a few days before the contest.Two of the four runoff candidates — Mydell couldn’t be reached for comment — expressed a degree of frustration about the ballot-counting process.
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