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Crime reports
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Effingham County Sheriff’s reports:
May 13
Bridal Way
An officer was dispatched in reference to a burglary. When he got there, he learned that when a woman came back to the house to check the mail, she noticed that the back door of the residence was open. The house was a mess and things were broken on the floor. There were also holes in the wall.

May 20
Palomino Drive
Theft by taking
A woman told police that someone had stolen a bike from her front porch. She stated that she had just bought the bike when it was stolen. She also stated that she saw some teenage boys in her yard just before the bike was taken.

May 21
Highway 21 North
Officers were told to be on the lookout for a possible drunk driver. When the officer noticed a vehicle driving recklessly, he found out that it was the vehicle they were looking for. He noticed that the vehicle was leaving the roadway several times.
When he stopped the vehicle, he noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the driver. He gave the woman several field sobriety tests in which she failed. She showed signs of slurred speech and skipped several numbers while counting.
The woman was charged with DUI/alcohol and given a warning for failing to maintain lane.

May 23
Highway 119 North
Forgery in the first degree
A man told police that another man tried to pay for his purchase with a $100 bill. When he put it under a black light, the security strip was gone. The man came to a conclusion that the bill was counterfeit. The other man was told of this and then he wanted the bill back. The man told him no and that he would be turning it over to the police.
The man, who was trying to pay, left the scene before police arrived.

May 23
Standard Lane
The complainant told police that someone had entered his front yard and stolen his son’s bicycle. He was unable to provide further information on the bike besides stating that it was a red motorcycle type bicycle.

May 23
McCall Road and
Blanford Elementary School
Traffic violation/complaint
While an officer was conducting an authorized safety check, a man pulled up to his location. The officer could smell an odor of alcohol coming from inside the car. The officer noticed that the man’s eyes were bloodshot and glazed. The officer administered a field sobriety test that the man ultimately failed. The man was placed under arrest for DUI under 21 years of age. The man agreed to the test for breath and was taken to the Sheriff’s office for the test. He was released to the jail for processing.

May 24
McCall Road South and Blanford
Elementary School
Possession of alcoholic beverage – under 21 years of age
Obstruction/ hindering a law
enforcement officer
While an officer was participating in a safety road check, a woman pulled up in a silver colored car. While the officer was checking the woman’s information, he smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer asked the woman about the smell and she indicated that there was no marijuana in the car and that he could check it.
When he asked the passenger of the car to step out, he smelled alcohol on the man. The man stated that he had nothing to drink but after he failed the portable breath test, he said that he did consume an alcoholic beverage and he was unsure why she said otherwise.
He was put under arrest and was transported to the Effingham County Jail where he was turned over to the jail staff.

May 24
Myrtlewood Court
Theft by taking
A man told the officer that he was in the process of building a home for his son. When he and his son went to lunch that day, they came back and found that some tools had been stolen. He stated that the only suspicious thing he had noticed was a light blue/silver truck slowly riding through the area on a previous date.
He also stated that the tools would have his last name engraved on them.

May 25
Roebling Road
Animal Complaint
The complainants said that a white American bulldog had gotten out and had a fight with their neighbor’s dog. They say that this is not the first time that the dog has been out and that they are afraid for their children’s safety.

May 25
Plantation Drive
Damage to property
Complainant told police that when she checked her car that morning, someone had keyed her car causing approximately $300.00 in damage.

May 26
Teal Drive
Aggravated assault (gun)
Officers responded to a call on Teal Drive in reference to shots from a vehicle. They were on lookout for a Repo Truck hauling a truck followed by a maroon van. When they spotted them, they issued a traffic stop.
The man told him that the reason he was following them is because while he was asleep, his daughter came into his room, woke him up, and told him that someone was stealing his truck.
When he followed them on foot, he heard one of them say to call the police. They speed off while he ran to his van and started to follow them. When the police learned that the Repo truck had been shot, they asked the man where was the gun that he used. K-9 located the gun and the man was taken to Effingham County Jail for processing.

May 26
Old Augusta Road
Reckless driving
An officer was dispatched to Old Augusta Road and Chimney Road in reference to an auto accident. When he arrived, he saw a black Ford F-150 was against a tree. When he approached the vehicle, he noticed that the passenger had injuries to her face.
When the officer asked that driver about what happened, he stated that he came around the curve trying to show off for his girlfriend when he lost control of the truck.
The woman was transported to the Candler County Hospital and the driver was placed under arrest. He was transported to the Effingham County Jail where he was booked then released.

May 26
Waldhour Road
Theft by taking
Complainant told the police that someone had stolen his trash can. He said that he doesn’t know when the trash can was stolen but he did notice that it was missing on Saturday.

May 27
Standard Lane
An officer was sent to Standard Lane in reference to a fight which involved a large group of people. When the officer arrived, he spoke with a man who then started yelling at his sister. The officer advised the man to stop yelling but he did not. The officer placed the man under arrest for disorderly conduct under the county ordinance.

May 29
Ebenezer Road
Animal complaint
A man told police that his neighbor’s dog got out of its pen. He said that he didn’t know that they had a dog.  He also said that the Pit bull attacked his black Labrador. When he tried to fight off the pit bull, it didn’t work. He then grabbed his gun and shot the dog. The man stated that he took pictures of where he shot the dog.

May 29
Blue Jay Road
Criminal trespass
A man told police that someone entered his property and stole six Aliangnis plants from the ground. The estimated cost to the plants is about $90. The man said that he has a video camera that monitors the property. He said that he would check and see if there is any evidence on the tape.

May 30
When police responded to the southbound lane they learned that the man was traveling south on I-95 when his vehicle started to act up. When the man pulled onto the side of the road, he noticed that his vehicle was smoking very heavily so he got out of the vehicle and phoned for help. The vehicle was towed to Sapp’s impound.

May 30
Theft by taking
Woman stated that someone had taken a bottle of Hydrocodone from her kitchen counter. She said that she believes that an employee with Terminix, who was at the residence, took the bottle. She did not see him take it.

May 26
Stillwell Road
Speeding in access of posted limit
An officer pulled over a blue Chevy Impala on the Ash Street Extension. The man in the car was driving 42 mph in a 30 mph zone. When the officer stopped the man, the man said that he didn’t know how he could have been caught going 42 mph when his radar detector didn’t tell him that he was being clocked.
The officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the man. The man stated that he didn’t have anything to drink but then later said that he did. After failing the field sobriety test, the man was arrested and taken to the Effingham County Jail where he was charged with DUI and speeding 42 mph in a 30 mph zone.