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ECHS FFA recognizes student accomplishments
welding awards
Recognition was given to those who competed in the welding competition. - photo by Photo by Sandi Van Orden
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The Effingham County FFA recognized members’ accomplishments at its banquet Tuesday.

National activities
National 2-star chapter 200 national convention participants were Amber Craven, Kaley Basile, Ashley Giles and Emily Rodgers.

State FFA convention participants were Kaley Basile, Amber Craven, Amanda Freeman, Caleb Grovenstein, Emily Rodgers, Lauren Shuman, Sabrina Stull, Christopher Tuten, Meaghan Walters, Cortney Phillips, Emily Mier, Jeremy Hill, Lindsay Buchanan, Mercedes Gilbert, Heather Smith, Kyle Piche and Justin Moore.

State and regional activities
State degree recipients were: Kaley Basile, Amber Craven, Amanda Freeman, Caleb Grovenstein, Emily Rodgers, Lauren Shuman, Sabrina Stull, Christopher Tuten and Meaghan Walters.

Career Development Events (CDEs) recognition

Tractor Operation and Maintenance CDE—Jeremy Hill.

Environmental and Natural Resources CDE–Amber Craven, Emily Rodgers, Amanda Freeman and Caleb Grovenstein.

Wildlife CDE—Wesley Parker, James Killian, Cheyanne Mock, Tiffany Hancock.

FFA Quiz CDE—Andrea Freeman.

Ag Sales CDE—Amber Craven, Kristie Lowery, Danielle Lowery and Amanda Freeman.

Prepared Public Speaking CDE — Joey Duff.

Agricultural Mechanics CDE—Jeremy Hill, Cliff Gracen, Josh Bunten and Troy Partain.

Senior Floral Design CDE—Lindsay Buchanan.

Junior Floral Design CDE—Marcie Moore.

Job Interview CDE—Caleb Grovenstein.

EMC Electrical Wiring CDE—Jeremy Hill who was the state winner.

Senior Poultry Judging—Emily Mier, Cortney Phillips, Caleb Grovenstein and Haley Cox.

Junior Poultry Judging—Amber Crank, Austin Harriot, Jamie Grafton and Marcie Moore.

Envirothon–Amber Craven, Caleb Grovenstein, Kaley Basile, Amanda Freeman and Emily Rodgers.

Junior Floriculture—Amber Crank, Jamie Grafton, Austin Harriott and Andrea Freeman

Senior Floriculture—Lindsay Buchanan, Mercedes Gilbert and Desiree Aanerud

Welding contest in order of placement:

Arc Welding—Troy Partain, Jeremy Hill and Cliff Gracen

MIG Welding—Josh Bunten, Marvin Black, Jimmy Woodcock, Chris Tuten and William Pittman

Oxy-Acetylene Brazing—Ryan Strickland and Skyler Jones

Oxy-Acetylene Cutting—Kyle Piche, Brandon Douberly and Dillon Youngblood

Creed Speaking—Tiffany Hancock

Lawnmower Operations CDE—Cliff Gracen

Farm Business Management—Amber Craven, Kaley Basile, Caleb Grovenstein and Emily Rodgers

Senior Livestock Judging—Emily Mier, Candice Fleming, Chelsea Bedgood and Cheyanne Mock

Junior Livestock Judging—Haley Cox and Tayler Weaver

Meats Judging—Emily Mier, Candice Fleming, Andrea Freeman and Michael Lastinger

Land Judging—Amber Craven, Emily Rodgers, Emily Mier and Sabrina Stull

Horse Judging (2007-08)—Meaghan Walters, Peyton Callanan, Kaley Basile Ashley Giles. Amy Collins was the junior participant.

Mini-Tractor Pull 2008 (Lawnmower)—Sabrina Stull

Livestock exhibitors—Lauren Shuman, Heather Smith, William Pittman, Chris Tuten, Ashley Giles, Cheyanne Mock, Orry Smith, Candice Fleming,

Jeremy Hill, JoJo Pollard, Feather Blanton, Ashlynn Seckinger, Bryant Williford, Sabrina Stull, Jesse Edwards, Josh Mathews, Danielle Lowery,

Kristie Lowery, Christinal Walton and Chris Mathews

Local activities
Effingham County Fair Booth—Ashley Giles

Effingham County Fair Float—Kaley Basile, Amber Craven, Wesley Parker, Adrian Godwin, Ashley Giles, Emily Mier and Emily Rodgers

Effingham County Fair livestock show—Candice Fleming, Lauren Shuman, Chris Mathews, Jesse Edwards, Candice Fleming, Cheyanne Mock,

Joshua Mathews, Dillon Nesmith, Chris Tuten, Heather Smith and Jeremy Hill

Effingham County FFA alumni hog show—Jeremy Hill, Chris Tuten, Heather Smith, Lauren Shuman and Candice Fleming

Greenhand degree recipients—Amber Crank, Austin Harriott, Chelsea Bedgood, Christopher Hernandez, Cortney Phillips, Desiree Aanerud, Dillon Youngblood, Dylan Oglesby, Jamie Grafton, Jordan Foster, Karl Gonzalez, Kyle Flowers, Larry Purdy, Marcie Moore, Mercedes Gilbert, Orry Smith, Shane “Ralphy” Rahn, Sonya Wynn, Tiffany Hancock, Amy Collins and Tayler Weaver

Chapter degree recipients—Afton Landram, Ashley Giles, Candice Fleming, Emily Mier, Feather Blanton, Heather Smith, Kelsey Classen, Skyler Jones, Jimmy Burke, Cheyanne Mock, Kristie Lowery, Olivia Benton, Lindsay Buchannan, James Killian, Chris Matthews, Kyle Piche and Jordan Parker

Academic achievement
Freshman—Michael Lastinger

Sophomore—Amy Collins

Junior—Chelsea Bedgood

Senior—Garrett Arnsdorff

Local Proficiency Awards

Ag Mechanics—Cliff Gracen

Ag Sales and Service—Greg Stewart

Swine Production—Heather Smith

Equine Science—Amanda Turcotte

Diversified Livestock—Amber Craven


Poultry Production—Emily Mier

Swine Production—Chris Tuten

Turf Grass Management—Josh Bunten

Specialty Animal—Amanda Freeman

Wildlife Management—Garrett Arnsdorff

Equine Science—Kaley Basile