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GHSGT math scores hurt AYP status
Every school but one makes AYP standards
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Though every school but one made the adequate yearly progress standards for the 2007-08 school year, Effingham County School System did not make the AYP objectives.

Only Springfield Elementary School did not meet AYP, and Superintendent Randy Shearouse expects that it will in a few weeks. He said the system is looking for Springfield Elementary to meet AYP when summer retests are calculated in September.

“In some cases, it may be that you only need four students to pass in the summer to make AYP,” Shearouse said. That was the number of students at SES that needed to pass for the school to meet the standards.

The district failed to meet AYP on the math portion of the Georgia High School Graduation Test. In order to meet AYP, 74.9 percent of all students and of the individual subgroups had to pass the math portion of the test.

Of all students, 80.7 percent passed the math portion, but in the black subgroup only 50 percent passed the math portion countywide.

Shearouse said even though a school may not have enough students for a subgroup to count when those students are added with the other students in the system, they could make a large enough group to count toward AYP.

He said that is how the system can fail to meet AYP while all the schools make AYP.

“Still have to pay attention to those numbers so the system will make AYP as well,” Shearouse said.

Both high schools made AYP this year.

Shearouse said it’s important that the system “pay attention and make sure we keep improving.”