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Guyton fifth graders discuss the planets
Students at Guyton Elementary School prepare to take a bite out of the solar system during a project on the planets. - photo by Photo provided

Students in Ms. Fountain and Mrs. Ashes fourth grade classes had a great time learning about planets.

One student, Isabel McCall, shared a fun, exciting project with the class. They were learning about different characteristics of planets and where the planets are located in relation to the sun.

McCall baked cookies that were size proportionate to the actual planets. Then she decorated each to look like the planets.

Everyone in class got to help describe the planets and place them on the poster to show where they should be located.
After each planet was reviewed and placed, it was time to enjoy the planets.

Ms. Fountain sliced up the planets and McCall and Mrs. Ashe passed them out.  Everyone enjoyed eating a piece of the solar system.