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Black History Month Spotlight
Eddie Morell, Jr. - The first African American to own, operate a convenience store in Effingham

In 1971, Eddie Morell, Jr, along with his wife, Easter, opened Morell’s Service Station, located on Highway 21 just north of Springfield near the community of Shawnee, Ga.

The business thrived for a while, but with the rationing of gasoline, Eddie and Easter closed the business in 1981.

Eddie was working full-time in Savannah at Dixie Plywood Company where he worked for 49 years. Eddie let nothing slow him down as he worked in Savannah, helped with the store and farmed many acres of land.

Today, at the age of 79, Eddie still tends to a garden as well as cares for a herd of goats on his farm. He is very active in his church (Thomas Chapel Independent Methodist Church) where he is Chairman Pro-Tem.