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Liberty County Mass Choir to deliver patriotic concert
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The Liberty County Community and Area Mass Choir is celebrating through music the 2010 Patriotic Concert at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in St. Johns Parish — renamed Liberty County — on July 1 at 7 p.m. to commemorate the patriotism of the Midway Colonists. Who from the time of the Stamp Act became uncompromising champions of liberty. 
This free concert for the community will celebrate the heritage of Liberty and the founding of America presented by singers of all faiths from the area. The music presents how this land was built on the dreams and vision of her pioneers, who possessed a deep inspiration and an unfaltering vision for a nation where freedom reigns. These voices will describe the spirit of freedom that is woven deeply into the fabric of America’s history. 
Songs will be presented that acknowledge a dream that only through such dedication could have been brought to life. This also will be a time to give thanks for the nation. 
The public is invited.