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Rules to live by for St. Patrick's Day from the city of Savannah
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Parade route
•Squares/medians: Officials to prevent Officials to prevent entry into squares/medians until 6 a.m. parade day to limit safety issues associated with land rush. Monuments and special areas roped off to prevent damage.

• Behavior: Marshals in every square before and during parade to enforce ordinances: No grills, amplified music, advertising, barricades, bartenders, public urination, etc.

• Barricades: Continued on Lafayette and Chippewa Squares. Added to corner of East Broad and Bay to increase public safety.

• Parade shuttles: To decrease traffic, shuttles runs from Oglethorpe Mall to Houston Street and back, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. $5 round trip. Parking at Trade Center, with ferry shuttle to Marriott, $10.

• Traffic exit plan: Police to disperse postparade traffic using east-west directional plan to ease gridlock.

Festival zone
• Entrance/exit ramps: Entrance/exit points at MLK, Lincoln and East Broad ramps. Exit-only points at Barnard and Abercorn ramps

• Safety zone: Barricaded police/fire 3- to 6-foot-wide safety corridor located between crowd and river

• Lighting towers: Six lighting towers located on Bay and River streets to illuminate dark areas and discourage illegal activity

• Bay Street: Closed to vehicular traffic at 8 p.m. Accommodations made with Bay Street hotels to allow guest parking using Liberty St. Garage/Shuttle.

• Pedestrian limits: Turnstiles at entrance/exit points. When maximum capacity reached, entry into gated festival zone stopped.

• Alcohol enforcement: All ordinances will be strictly enforced, including underage drinking/no drinks served to visibly intoxicated individuals.

• Nighttime shuttles: Shuttles to take festival-goers out of downtown beginning at 8 p.m.