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Conservation loans available to Georgia farmers, ranchers
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ATHENS—David Laster, farm loan chief with the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA), reminds farmers and ranchers that the Agency will make and guarantee Conservation Loans (CL) to producers who want to promote conservation on their land as well as conserve the country’s natural resources.  
Many farmers who need and want to implement conservation measures on their land do not have the “up front” funds available to implement these practices. 
“I encourage producers who want to conserve natural resources and need a source of financing to implement conservation measures to apply for credit through this program,” Laster said. “It is a great opportunity for producers to remain good stewards of the land.” 
Producers can apply for conservation loans to improve or implement conservation practices on their land, as long as the practice is approved by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). 
According to Laster, producers who do not currently have an existing conservation plan should visit NRCS to develop one prior to requesting Conservation Loan Program assistance.  
Examples of conservation practices include the installation of conservation structures, establishment of forest cover, installation of water conservation measures, establishment or improvement of permanent pastures, implementation of manure management and the adaptation of other emerging or existing conservation practices, techniques or technologies.
Direct CLs are available at your local FSA office with loan limits up to $300,000. Guaranteed CLs with limits up to $1,119,000 are available from lenders who participate in FSA’s guaranteed loan program. 
For more information on the CL program, contact Georgia State FSA office at (706) 546-2166 or visit the FSA Web site at