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Echoes of Effingham: An Ebenezer School Girl's Memories
Ech 5-31-17 Ebenezer School

Many years ago, Janette Hinely, now Altman, was a school girl at Ebenezer School. The school was located on land that belonged to Wesley Exley and sat near the present home of Kevin Seckinger on Mill Pond road just off of Rincon Stillwell Road. This was actually the fourth Ebenezer School established at that site.

The old abandoned school was donated and relocated to Ebenezer Elementary School prior to 2000. The restored school sits on the current Ebenezer Elementary School campus on Ebenezer Road/Highway 275. The late Angie Wendelken, former Principal of Ebenezer Elementary School, was instrumental in getting the old school moved, restored, furnished and usable as a living historical teaching tool for the children on the current modern campus.

Mrs. Altman, at 88 years of age, remembers vividly the two room school and walking to school. Teachers she recalls at the time of the accompanying photo were Deloris Cook and Mr. Usher. She says there was an outhouse for the restroom. In the winter a wood heater fired with wood kept them warm. The warm days had ventilation from the open windows. There were no screens so gnats and bugs were plentiful. She vividly remembers recess. She says they “bad” and went deep into the woods so they could not hear the bell calling them in to class from recess. The bell tolled when school took in and when recess ended.

Janette was the daughter of the late Feddie and Mary Lynch Hinely. They lived a few miles from school. After elementary school, Janette attended Rincon High School, completing her education through 11 years (there were only 11 grades in those days). A bus came along by the time she attended high school to transport them to Rincon and back.

Thanks Mrs. Janette for contacting me and sharing this photograph and your memories. The week down memory lane gives us a window into former school days.

I would like to thank Douglas Exley for the photos of Mr. and Mrs. Metzger last week.