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A look back at 1975 tornado damage and more
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From the Springfield Herald, May 8, 1975
The southeast corner of Effingham County was struck by a tornado Saturday May 5, 1975, about 5:25 p.m.  

The tornado winds caused damage and destruction to homes and properties near Taylor Chapel Church about four miles northeast of Clyo and the Tuckasee King area about three miles north of Clyo.

Mr. John Henry Johnson and his wife Barbara received minor injuries. They were treated and released from Effingham County Hospital.

The sheriff’s office released the following list of property owners hit hardest and on the spot estimate of damage.  Taylor Chapel Church area: A. L. Edwards’ place, three buildings, fruit trees — $11,000; W. S. Bartos, house, roof and siding damaged — $3,000; George Scruggs, roof front and rear — $500; Arthur Fields, out houses, trees and fertilizer $1,000; Mrs. Kate Fetzer, unoccupied house, $1,500. Tuckasee King area: Georgia Pacific Plywood, Nursery, trees and shed — $85,000; John Henry Johnson, mobile home and furnishings (destroyed), $20,000; Kenneth Oliver, damage to mobile home — $2,000; Willard H. Edwards, shed and barn destroyed, house damaged and trees destroyed — $10,000; Alice Edwards and Robert Morrison, mobile home (destroyed) — $15,000; A. L. Edwards, damage to home and barn — $2,000; Thomas Bunch, damage to home — $1,000; Sumpter Morgan Camp (destroyed) $4,000; Mrs. Walton Usher camp damaged — $4,000; O. N. Edwards, three outbuildings and trees destroyed — $5,000; forest trees in path of tornado not near private homes — $25,000; John Head, saw shop blown over — $1,000; Herman Colson, mobile home lifted off foundation — $300; and Wilton Arnsdorff damage to camp and trees — $1,000. Total damage estimated at $192,500.

From the Springfield Herald March 19, 1948
St. John’s Congregation to Lay Cornerstone
The St. John’s Lutheran Congregation of Rincon, Ga. are preparing for the Laying of the Cornerstone Friday, March 26, 1948, at 10 a.m.  The Reverend Horace J. C. Lindler, for the past three years has been conducting a Good Friday morning service and this Good Friday service will be in connection with the Laying of the Corner Stone. The sermon will be delivered by The Rev. C. A.  Linn, PhD, D.D., President of the Georgia Alabama Synod. 

We, the members of the congregation, are indeed happy to invite the public to worship with us at this time and at other times as you might wish. This is an occasion which comes seldom. Come and be with us and bring your friends.

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