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Effingham's stories of yesterday
Ech 12-6-17 Fetzger Comm
Fetzger Commissary in Marlow - photo by Submitted

At this busy time of year everyone is scurrying around shopping for the holidays. In sharp contrast to our variety of stores nearby with our good transportation was the local store for a particular neighborhood. In times gone by it was not so easy to get the bare necessities. What was not grown in a garden and canned or meat and poultry that was raised on the farm consisted of a few items purchased in the town’s little store or commissary. Sugar, coffee, flour, shoes, clothing or cloth to make clothing along with lamps were among the items obtained at the store. The commissary gave credit until payday to the family’s workers in the timber or sawmill. Tokens were sometimes given for pay redeemable only in the commissary.
Allen Malphus’ General Store was open from 1892 to 1933 in Tusculum, Georgia. He had a blacksmith shop, general merchandise, Levi and other brands of clothing and a kerosene pump.
The Fetzger Commissary served the Marlow area and served workers in the Fetzer timber industry.
Life was very hard in the late 1800s through the depression years and shopping was very different from today.
This was written by Susan Exley from Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos or historical information to share contact her at 912-754-6681 or email