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Memories of Springfield
0504 Echoes
Above is the Effingham Academy. - photo by Photo provided

Daniel E. “Buddy” Moore’s family shared this letter to the editor of the Springfield Herald after he died in February 1967 titled “Happy Memories”:

I think it was 1914 when my family moved to Springfield and my Dad was the editor of the Herald from then until 1929 when I graduated from Effingham Academy.

My first recollection of my old home town was in September of 1916 when I began school in the old building on the square and on that first day another little boy and I, not knowing any better, talked all through Chapel and as we began to march down to class, Professor Futch quickly took us by the arms, stopped us, sat on the top step and proceeded to spank us then and there. I quit school that day and swore I would never go another day, but needless to say, “I didn’t talk in chapel the next day.”

My next big memory was November 12, 1918, the day after the Armistice of WWI was signed (news did not travel very fast in those days). I was late to school and when I arrived no one was there. I decided to go home and when I did I heard a noise from the direction of the courthouse and I saw the whole student body marching behind “Aunt” Penny Davis who was blowing a French horn and the students were carrying the biggest American flag I have seen to this day.

Now my memory is beginning to run riot. The first year that the Armistice was celebrated I remember the big display of all the implements of war that were on exhibit in the magnolia grove in front of Mr. Julian Shearouse’s home and how proud and handsome Mr. Bird looked in his son’s uniform.

It was about the time I had a “Super Duper Daisy” water pistol and one day I was in Mr. Bassie Mingledorff’s Store and I was squirting everyone and Miss Bertie took my pistol away and kept it about a week and after promising everyone that I would never squirt again, I got it back.
I remember some to the old timers in and around Springfield, too, such as Bro. Thad I. Nease. (He had his initials carved into his car and we kids said that it was made of tin.) I remember Hammie Rahn, the blacksmith, my ideal as the strongest man in the world…what great arms and shoulders he had. I used to go to his shop when he was putting log cart tires on and swing that big sledge hammer to help tighten and shrink the tire on the wheel as Mr. Hammie turned the wheel in a hole in the ground filled with water. What a man. I thought he was the mighty Atlas and Samson rolled into one. The ice man, Mr. Brogdon, with his walrus moustache, was another I well remember. He lived getting into a big car and riding down the street waving to all.

An old mill stood across the street from the Baptist church. I used to work there dipping meal and they all used to kid me about going to work barefooted in the dead of winter but with gloves on to my elbows. No kidding, this is the truth. I even shined shoes at Albert Roach’s Barber Shop at 5 cents a shine but on Saturday when Tommy Jaudon came in with those beautiful English riding boots, shining them was at least worth 25 cents. How many of you remember Rodney Jaudon selling peanuts from his double team goat wagon?

Do you remember Dr. Strange’s Drug Store and Orley Strange? Orley was always the first to date any new girl, school teachers and all…him and his ukulele. He was quite a dandy and the town fashion plate. I also remember Bill Mathis who was the town Marshall and the night it was raining and Bill backed in front of Strange’s store to get out of the rain. He said that something hit him on the back and nearly broke it but by the time he could get his gun out of the coat pocket and turn around, Old Villa, the old billy goat was reared up to pop him again.

Aren’t memories wonderful to re -travel time and time again?

This was compiled by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos or historical information to share contact her at 754-6681 or email