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Nine years of Echoes and trivia
0218 echoes
The Baynard Hotel in Guyton, next to Lindas Produce. - photo by Photo provided

This week makes nine years that the Echoes column has been published. That sure has included a lot of deadlines! To celebrate, I am going to share a few trivia questions. You will find the answers below.

1. What two rivers border Effingham?

2. What year was Effingham Hospital opened?

3. Who was the first Constitutional Governor of Georgia from Effingham?

4. Where is Beulah located?

5. What group built the old Effingham County Jail (now Effingham Museum)?

6. What school was the first federally-funded school and was pictured in the Saturday Evening Post?

7. What is the name of the home of Judge John Gindrat Morel?

8. When was the Clyo Railroad Bridge built?

9. Who were the two men responsible for organizing Guyton Christian Church?

10. Where was the first Baptist church of Georgia located in Effingham?

11. Who gave the bells to Jerusalem Lutheran Church?

12. How thick are the handmade brick walls of Jerusalem Lutheran Church?

13. Why is there a hole in the swan on the weathervane on Jerusalem Lutheran Church?

14. What year was the first Sunday School Convention?

15. What was Guyton’s first name?

16. What was the name of Egypt’s school?

17. What Indian tribes occupied Effingham?

18. What year was the Springfield Herald first published?

19. Who was the Virginian who came to Springfield to open a bank?

20. Name the grist mill run by water power on a 167-acre lake by Dr. Cheatham Wilson.

21. Who was the first pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Springfield?

22. Where were the Parade Grounds located?

23. The B.F. Helmly Store was located in what city?

24. Where did the town of Marlow get its name?

25. What is the name of the first organized military group in Effingham?

This was compiled by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society from material previously published in the Effingham Herald. If you need more information, contact her at 754-6681 or

1. Savannah and Ogeechee
2. August 25, 1969
3. John Adam Treutlen
4. Guyton
5. WPA (Work Progress Administration) completed 1935
6. Marlow High School
7. Mount Pleasant
8. 1893
9. Capt. S.C. Dunning and Christian Herman Dasher
10. Tuckasee King
11. Rev. George Whitefield
12. 21 inches
13. Put there by a British (Tory) musket ball
14. 1879
15. Whitesville
16. Egypt Pyramid School
17. Creeks and Euchee
18. 1908
19. J.W. Careney
20. Oakey Farms
21. Rev. T.W. Shealy
22. Present-day National Guard Armory grounds
23. Rincon
24. Named for Robert Marlow, planter and land owner
25. Hussars