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Perusing Chero-Cola ads of the early 1900s
Ad Spg Herald 9-26-1918
An ad from the Sept. 26, 1918 edition of the Springfield Herald for Chero-Cola. - photo by Photo provided

A national brand that was bottled locally was Chero-Cola. The advertisements in the Springfield Herald promoted the cleanliness of the bottler. “In a bottle - Through a straw,” was on most of the ads. Some of the advertisements promoted World War I, sports or work. These ads tell a story.  Cost per bottle was five cents a bottle. The first ad in 1916 is not clear and should read: “The bottles are sterilized – the contents are accurately measured — no guess measurement. It comes to you always perfect – always uniform in flavor and always pure, wholesome and refreshing.”  

Enjoy a soda, even if Chero-Cola is no longer available, during Memorial Day weekend and be safe! Next week you will learn more of the history of the local bottling companies.  

This article was written from information in “Effingham County, Georgia’s Soft Drink Bottling Companies” by Norman V. Turner, a local historian. Susan Exley compiled this weekly column for Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos, comments or information to share, contact Susan Exley at 754-6681 or email her at: