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Recalling soil conservation in 1957
Lester H. Morgan Sr
Lester H. Morgan Sr., Effingham County supervisor - photo by Photo provided

The Ogeechee River Soil Conservation District annual report in 1957 had a section on Effingham County. At that time, 414 landowners representing 95,972 acres were cooperators with the Ogeechee River District Soil Conservation District.

Lester H. Morgan Sr. was the county supervisor and David E. Bozeman was the work unit conservationist.

P. Rudolph Wilson, shown observing his cattle in coastal Bermuda grass was named 1957 “Man of the Year” in soil conservation. He is standing in a field seeded to Bahia.

My grandfather, J. Bruce Hinely, was photographed as an outstanding conservationist cutting coastal Bermuda grass for hay. He was a past “Man of the Year”.

Advertisers for the Effingham County section of the annual report were: Rahn’s Feed and Seed, Webb’s Western Auto, Calhoun Tractor Company, Effingham County Stockyard, R. K. Rahn’s Feed Seed & Fertilizer, and J.W. Arnsdorff land clearing and preparation specialist.

The Soil and Water Conservation District continues to support farmers in Effingham County to this day. It still names an annual “Man of the Year” and the organization promotes farming techniques for sound land and water management.

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