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Share some eggnog, count your blessings
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Recipe for Eggnog
6 eggs separated                                           
6 tbsp. whiskey or brandy (amt. as desired)
1 pint whipping cream                                  
6 tbsp. sugar (for cream)
6 tbsp sugar for whites
1 tsp. Vanilla if desired                            
Nutmeg as desired

Make sure you use fresh eggs with no cracks in the shells.  In separate bowls: 1. Whip cream with 6 Tbsp. sugar until it holds peaks using electric mixer and gradually mix in whiskey and vanilla. 2. Whip egg yolks until light and frothy using electric mixer. 3. Whip egg whites until foamy then add gradually 6 Tbsp. sugar with electric mixer until soft peaks form. In a large punch bowl fold together the egg yolks and whipped cream mixture. Gradually fold in the beaten egg whites. Serve immediately. (If you put the beaten egg yolks together with the whiskey they will curdle). The whiskey “cooks” the raw eggs in the mixture but people with weakened immune systems may want to avoid this drink. Serve the drink in punch cups and garnish with nutmeg if desired.

In this time of turmoil in our economy and uncertainty with jobs and situations in the world, it is time to go back to the way our forefathers celebrated the season. They shared a cup of eggnog with family and friends and counted their blessings not their shortfalls.

The materialistic side of Christmas has come to dominate and this was not the way it used to be. Presents and big showy decorations is not what Christmas is about. Getting back to basics is a good idea.

As we sit warm and comfortable let us all remember our servicemen who are sacrificing so that we have this freedom. Show them kindness or do something for a service person that is overseas by giving in some way to them or their family. Perhaps you can donate gifts through a service organization or help serve them in some manner.

Remember those in our community in prayer who have lost loved ones and those who seek justice from crimes. We all can pray for them and pray that the law enforcement officials can provide answers and relief to those who wait. We can minister to the families of prisoners through United Way and the Empty Stocking Fund.

Pray for our clergy, leadership in our country in transition, our local leaders and all who provide for our security. As we try to stay out of harm’s way, we ask that they be guided to keep us safe. Please pray too for safety in our daily lives. As times get worse, please avoid situations to be at risk for robbery or attacks.

Pray for all who are ill and suffering. Please extend kindnesses to their caregivers and bring some unexpected wonder to their holiday season. A visit or sharing of homemade soup or goodies can really brighten their day.

The reason for the season is of course our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ most of the family holidays center on the church and its religious fellowship. Spend all the time that you can with your family because we never know what tomorrow holds. Take time to thank your neighbors, family and friends for being there for you in 2008 and wish them a peaceful, prosperous and happy New Year for 2009. I personally thank you who have been there for me and wish you a wonderful holiday season.  

This article was written by Susan Exley. If you have questions, photos or comments please call her at 754-6681 or email: