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With increasing frequency over the past 10 years or so, parents have asked me various questions abou
old logging tram  pic
Above is a tram line with engine to move timber from the woods. - photo by Photo provided

Early timber harvesting was done with mules and timber carts after the trees were taken down with axes and crosscut saws.

A temporary rail line was built into the area where the trees were to be harvested. There was no equipment like in use today for timber to be cut down. The rail line was put down by hand, using the mules and carts to set the rails. They did not have chainsaws, cut down machines, special log trucks or tractors during this time.

Although these are poor quality photos, the pictures are very interesting, showing the tram line and home-built engine to move timber. The logs then went to a saw mill or were shipped by railroad.

Timber harvesting was back-breaking work requiring many strong men, mules and timber carts to do what a machine operated by one man can accomplish today.

Pictures provided by Daryl and Nancy Reiser. This was compiled by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos, comments or information to share, contact Exley at 754-6681 or email her at: