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Equine tag orders surpass 1,000 mark
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The Georgia Equine Tag has successfully reached its 1,000 pre-order requirement for production to begin.

“I’m glad to see that Georgians are enthusiastic about this license plate,” said Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin. “The funds that come from this tag will help provide the support needed to assist Georgia’s equine industry.”

The Georgia Equine Tag, which was unveiled in March, required 1,000 pre-orders in order to begin production. As of July 24, the Georgia Department of Revenue had received more than 1,000 pre-orders with manufacturing scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.   

Proceeds from sales of the specialty tag will provide funds for promotion, research and educational programs for the state’s equine industry.

“Even though we have received the necessary number of pre-orders for production to begin, I still want to encourage everyone to purchase the plate,” added Commissioner Irvin. “The more money we can raise through the sale of these tags, the more can go to help Georgia horses.”

The equine license plate can be ordered by filling out an Application for a Special Interest License Plate (specifying “Georgia Equine Industry”) at any motor vehicle tag office.

For ordering information visit the Georgia Department of Revenue’s page at: