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GFC urging caution for 4th of July holiday
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Fourth of July celebrations this year should include traditional fun with an extra measure of caution. The Georgia Forestry Commission is reminding residents that the ongoing drought requires everyone to be extremely careful with any fire-related activity this holiday.

“Last year, we responded to more than two dozen wildfires statewide over the Fourth of July holiday,” said Alan Dozier, Chief of Protection for the GFC. “This year, as dry conditions continue, we’re asking every Georgian to ensure their safety by planning for fire prevention at all times when you’re enjoying outdoor activities.”

Fireworks, backyard grills, campfires and camping activities, cigarettes and even over-heated lawn equipment are capable of causing fires that can flare up and spread quickly, Dozier said. He advised clearing non-combustible spaces around fires and keeping water close at hand for emergencies. All campfires should be thoroughly doused before campers leave their site or retire for the evening.

“The Fourth of July is a time for patriotism and fun,” said Dozier. “We hope every Georgian will enjoy it to the fullest by staying safe and helping prevent wildfire.”

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