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Guyton PD seeks help for child of one of its own
donation jar 1
A donation effort is under way to help pay medical care costs for Tommy Kendricks, left, the infant of Guyton Police Officer Mike Kendricks, right. - photo by Photo provided

The Guyton Police Department is asking for help for one of its own.

Tommy Kendricks, the 7-month-old son of Mike and Becky Kendricks, was born with positional plagiocephaly. That condition occurs when a baby’s head develops a flat spot or becomes asymmetrical because of some kind of external pressure. Mike Kendricks is an officer with the Guyton Police Department.

Babies are born with a soft, pliable skull, and when they sleep on their back every night, their head can develop a flat spot where it presses against the mattress. This happens most often in infants who are born with a common form of torticollis, a condition in which a tight or shortened muscle on one side of the neck causes the head to tilt to one side.

Because the rising cost of medical care and the strict guidelines imposed on the medical insurance companies, the “helmet” Tommy needs to help correct this problem is not covered by insurance. The Guyton Police Department family is asking for donations to help the Kendricks so that they can afford the care that their infant needs.

Donations can be made at the Citizens Bank of Effingham. There are also canisters located in Guyton area businesses. They will have a table set up at the Guyton rummage sale on Saturday from 8 a.m.-2p.m.