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HES marks its 24th anniversary
His. Preservation award
Joey and Heather Smith receive the Historic Preservation Award from Richard Loper for their work in restoring a two-story home on Stillwell-Clyo Road. - photo by Photo by Rick Lott

The Historic Effingham Society met Saturday evening to celebrate its 24th anniversary and to present awards for distinguished service.

A special presentation was made by state Rep. Jon Burns and state Sen. Jack Hill to honor Ms. Willie Tebeau. As Rep. Burns read the resolution, he said in part, “Now therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives and the Senate of Georgia that members of this body join to honor Ms. Willie Tebeau on the occasion of her 100th birthday, wishing her many, many more years of happiness. Signed by the clerk and passed by the Georgia House and Senate.”

Betty Waller then lit a candle for each member lost this past year in a memorial service for Naomi Alderman, Miriam Gnann and Milton H. Rahn.

Following the memorial HES President Richard Loper announced the winners of this year’s Historic Preservation Award, Joey and Heather Smith, for work they have done in restoring a two-story house on the Stillwell-Clyo Road.

“They have done wonders with an old house,” Loper said. “It was becoming dilapidated. It soaked through the firewalls and had fire damage. They just labored in this house and it has turned into a dollhouse.”

Charlie Arnsdorff presented Betty Renfro with the Member of the Year award. Richard Loper then presented Presidents’ Awards  to Waller, Susan Exley and Walt Gnann, and Exley was thanked for her work in writing the “Echoes of Effingham” column each week in the Effingham Herald.

Hill installed the new executive board members and officers. Re-elected to the executive board were Gnann, Pearl Boynes, Judy Zittrouer and David Seitz. Officers were all re-elected and included Loper as president, Jim Simmons as vice president, Renfro as secretary and Julia Exley Rahn as treasurer.

Hill remarked that the work they do in Effingham County is unique and that Effingham has a rich history.