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10 texts to send your man right now to make him feel fantastic
Halloween doesn't have to be terrifying especially not on the bookshelf. - photo by Melinda Fox
Remember when ...

Sharing a good memory with your man will revive the feelings you had when you experienced it.


Give him something to look forward to. It can make even a terrible day bearable.

Inside Joke

Few things are as personal and fun as an inside joke. An unexpected reminder will surely put a smile on your man's face.

An offer of help

It can be easy to forget that we have a partner in crime. Remind your hubby that you're there for him if he needs anything.

Remember what he's up to

Send him a text to tell him you're thinking about him in his meeting or to wish him safe travels home. Knowing that you're aware of what he's up to will give him a sense of companionship.

Something you noticed

It feels good to be seen. Help him realize that you are aware of him by sending a text that shows you're paying attention.


It feels great to know people believe in you. Knowing that you're his cheerleader can make a significant difference.

Thank you

Think of something specific that he did for you recently. Did he take extra time to sit and talk with you or grab an extra blanket out of the closet for you last night? You can also thank him for something that he always does, such as being willing to work so hard every day.

Tell him you miss him

Let him know that he's important in your life and you look forward to seeing him.


Who doesn't love an unexpected compliment? You know him better than anyone, so compliment him on something others don't notice about him.