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10 ways to grow your eyelashes LONG without getting extensions
This is how to get naturally gorgeous eyelashes. - photo by Lindsey Miller
There have been some pretty intense beauty trends over the years, but one thing hasnt changed the desire for long, voluminous eyelashes. As a teenager, I obsessed over what mascara would make my already lengthy eyelashes look longer, and now I see women everywhere sporting lash extensions and falsies.

While false lashes are a quick way to get the length and volume you desire, they can get very expensive. Even worse, they can cause serious damage to your existing lashes and in some cases, they can damage your actual eyeballs with serious infections.

So before you run to the salon to have lashes glued to your eyelids one by one, try these tips. Itll require a little time and patience, but itll be so worth it when you have your long, voluminous and healthy lashes.

1. Eat the right foods

It sounds crazy, but what you eat can have an impact on hair growth (eyelash growth included). If youre looking for longer, stronger lashes and hair, try eating more protein and biotin rich foods.

2. Ditch the mascara for a day or two

Give your poor lashes a break! I know its hard to ditch the mascara, especially if you never leave the house without makeup, but giving your lashes a little rest can do wonders.

3. Remove your makeup very gently

I always remove my makeup with a makeup-remover wipe or simply by washing my face, but you should be a little more gentle. Use a little bit of baby soap for an effective but gentle makeup remover and cleanser.

4. Use an eyelash serum

I was skeptical at first, but eyelash serums really do work if you get the right ones. I know a lot of people who use Babe Lash, and their lashes are unbelievably long. My sister has been using it for a couple of months, and I noticed her lashes were growing like crazy before I even knew she was using the serum. Its an awesome product, and its definitely worth giving a try.

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5. Use a little castor oil

Castor oil can do wonders when it comes to eyelash and eyebrow growth. To apply, just get a clean mascara wand, dip it in castor oil, and apply it to your lashes before bed. Wash it off in the morning and repeat until you get your desired results.

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6. Take biotin supplements

Biotin supplements are one of the most effective hair growth methods Ive ever used. Whenever Im taking biotin, my hair, eyelashes, brows, skin and nails are all in prime condition. Theyre super inexpensive, and they really work.

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7. Curl your lashes

Weve all seen the videos of lash-curler disasters, but if you keep your curler clean and you know how to use it, its a great way to get the best lashes ever. Start at the base for the most volume, then go up your lashes if you feel like you need to.

8. Know the best way to apply mascara

The way you put on mascara can have a huge impact on your lashes. I love to apply a coat of mascara to the top of my eyelashes first for intense volume, then I apply as usual. Its also important to wiggle your mascara wand at the base of your lashes to keep your curl perfect all day.

9. Use baby powder for volume

Add this to the list of baby powder uses, because its amazing. After you apply a coat of mascara, dust some baby powder over it. When you apply another coat of mascara, the baby powder will give you intense volume youll love.

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10. Use the right mascara wand

You should always know what type of mascara wand you need for the look youre going for. For example, a wand made for thin, short lashes wouldnt work for someone with thick, long lashes. Do your research, then pick what would work best for you.

When you follow these steps, youll have perfect (natural) lashes in no time.