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10 ways to trick yourself into liking exercise
Is money a good enough incentive to get you to workout? - photo by Shaelynn Miller
If you dont like to workout, here are some things that might give you enough motivation to get going:

Earn money while you workout

If someone paid you to workout, would you do it? Nexercise is an app that tracks your movement and rewards you with points. And if you live in the United States, these points can turn into gift cards.

Pact is another money-making exercise app. You make a plan for eating or exercising, you track your progress and then you earn cash for meeting your goals. But be careful; you could end up losing money if you fail.

Scare yourself into it

You can download an app that will literally scare you into running. Zombies, Run! creates an environment where you have to exercise to survive. As you walk, jog or run, you collect survival items, but once the zombies are nearby, its time to pick up the pace! You can play this game outdoors or in your own home. Youll become the hero of your community as long as you keep running.

Go on a virtual adventure

If a zombie chase isnt your thing, then Teemo might be for you. This is an iPhone game where you engage in fun, playful adventures while exercising. The workouts are simple, so you can do them anytime and anywhere.

Get pumped up with your favorite songs

Everyone has a few songs that get their heart racing and make them want to get up and dance. Download your favorite tunes to your phone and get to your workout. Or you can just dance, because thats exercise, too!

Make it a game

Exercise doesnt have to be only squats and running laps. Make it fun by playing a game. Organize a baseball, basketball or soccer game with your friends. If you arent into sports, gather your friends for an afternoon of yoga. Make it a social activity, rather than viewing it as a dreaded and solitary workout session.

Play video games

Yes, you can play video games and exercise at the same time. With Superhero Workout, you can exercise while saving the world. You can complete your mission on the big screen as you challenge yourself with different exercise moves.

Mix it up

Repeating the same exercise multiple times can be dreadfully boring, and when theres no motivation, starting your workout can be a challenge. Mix it up with Seven, the app that gives you 12 exercises to do in seven minutes. This app isn't for the faint-hearted, so if you're up for an extreme workout, Seven is for you.

Did any of these ideas motivate you to exercise? Let us know!