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15 ways to know if she is ACTUALLY your best friend
Tag your BFF if this is her. - photo by Melinda Fox
Look, you know you're pretty obsessed with each other, but can y'all really stand up to the test? Here's how to know if your best friend is ACTUALLY your best friend:

1. She knows when you're only pretending to be OK

She can see through your fake smile enough to know that you really need a hug right now.

2. You've forgotten what your own laugh sounds like

Because whenever you hear it, it's mixed with her laugh

3. You say "I haven't seen you in so long!" when it's only been about a day

How can it only be a day? It feels hecka longer.

4. You can communicate with only your eyes

Entire conversations have been had without uttering a single word.

5. You have a song that you will both dance your hearts out to (no matter where you are)

It's "your song."

6. Every activity is more fun with her there

So obviously you invite her to do everything possible with you.

7. In fact, you have fun doing absolutely nothing together

Even if you're just chilling at home, you have more fun than most people have out on the town.

8. You're way too honest with each other

Sometimes it goes too far (ouch!), but you know you can trust each other 100 percent.

9. She's the first person you call when you need to say anything

Whether it's an AWESOME secret or just a vent session, she's your go-to lady.

10. Your family knows all about her

They always ask how she's doing because they've gotta keep up on her life.

11. She's seen you cry

And she didn't even judge you for it. She just cuddled you.

12. You've shared a bowl of cookie dough while watching "She's the Man"

Whilst quoting it in its entirety together.

13. You've read your journal to her

You seriously have no secrets.

14. She keeps all of your secrets

They are all locked down. The FBI couldn't reach those secrets.

15. She gets your humor

And that's important because sometimes you're sarcastic and people think you're serious ... But she understands.