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5 tips on how to wake up in a better mood
Wakeup in better mood.KT
Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen. - photo by

You experienced a nightmare of a day. You hope for a better day tomorrow, but you’re not overly optimistic about it. When the alarm goes off, you expect the worst – today is will be a continuation of yesterday. You begin the day with a negative mindset, not allowing the day to unfold.
Oftentimes, you find no definitive reason for waking up in a grumpy mood. You just do. Some blame the Monday morning blues while others blame an individual’s outlook on life. If you live your life on a sour note, you are likely to project that energy to those around you. If you just have the Monday morning blues, most likely your attitude will change from grumpy to nice as the day goes by.
I will not deny that I’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed one too many times for a few reasons: lack of sleep, anticipation of an undesirable event at work, an argument and anxiety. During those times of crankiness, I was rude to people who got in my way. After it was brought to my attention how I was taking out my frustrations on people who didn’t deserve it, I knew I had to make a change for the better.
Whether you only have the Monday morning blues or you always wake up expecting the worse and feeling irritable, these 5 tips will enlighten your mornings.
• Think positive. Many wake up in the morning sleepy, annoyed and unsure on how the day will pan out. You know you have a job to go to and errands to run. But you have no idea of the ups and downs you will encounter throughout the day. Instead of waking up with a lack of excitement for a fresh new start to the day, set your mind to think positive. Positivity will help you get through the day even during the tough moments. Avoid allowing the negative situations take control of your entire day — and of your positivity.

• Do not rush. How many rush every morning to get the kids ready for school and to get yourselves ready for work? Rushing can become an unnerving situation. Even though my husband and I wake up at the same time for work every morning, we feel time is not always by our side. We rush to the point of exhaustion by the time we head out. Since rushing was taking a toll on us, we decided to change that around by organizing everything. Prepare your work clothes, your children’s clothes, book bags and briefcases the night before. Have a schedule of tasks that need to be completed that morning along with who is responsible for each task for a smoother transition.

• Go to sleep on time. You enjoy staying out late during the work week — a friend’s birthday party, a concert or a date. Perhaps your favorite show is on that night. Obviously, you do not want to miss out on the festivities or on the show. No one says you have to. However, consider leaving the event early and record your show. A well-rested body lessens the uneasiness in the morning.

• Wake up earlier. Set your alarm a half hour to 45 minutes early and go out for a morning jog or exercise at home. Loosen up your muscles. Have a cup of coffee or tea before showering. Organize for work or school if you did not have the time the night before.

• Listen to your favorite music. How many times do your eyes light up or a smile forms upon your face as you begin to sing along when your favorite song comes on at the supermarket? I’m guilty of that. Somehow the grueling task of grocery shopping during the weekend in a crowded supermarket doesn’t seem that bad after all. Music is a form of motivation. The words, beats, rhythm send a message to the brain. Before you know it, you are in a better mood. Therefore, get a clock that will set off music instead of an annoying beeping sound in the morning. Wake up the kids to their favorite songs.

Waking up in a bad mood is not only unhealthy for you but for those around you, including your children. You do not want to teach them that waking up grumpy is the right attitude to have. The right attitude is to wake up with a positive mind and wonderful thoughts.
Mayra Bitsko is a freelance writer, the author of A Second Chance and The Past Beckons and holds a master's degree in business administration-accounting. Contact her at