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8 ways to transform your eyebrows naturally
It's time for you to have the eyebrows of your dreams. - photo by Lindsey Miller
Beauty tips and tricks are all over the internet. The collarbone-grazing lob hairstyle, the perfectly matte lips and the flawless natural makeup tutorials are just a few of the trends that have been huge over the past couple of years, and it doesnt look like theyre going away anytime soon.

However, one of the most talked-about beauty trends gracing our Pinterest boards are eyebrows. Back in the early 2000s, people loved to pluck their eyebrows to get that perfectly thin line, but now were in 2017 and its all about the thick, natural-looking brow.

While some people are blessed with naturally flawless eyebrows, some of us have to work a little bit harder to make them look how we want them to. If you want a more natural look without making any permanent changes, check out these awesome tips:

1. Get a good brow pencil

Brow pencils come in all shapes and sizes, but you need to have a good one. Make sure the pencil shade matches your hair color for the most natural look. Vogue suggests a few of the very best brow pencils, including MAC Veluxe Brow Liner, Urban Decays (waterproof) Brow Beater and the Precision Brow Pencil by NYX.

2. Use this tinted brow gel

Blissful Brows eyebrow gel is so awesome and has great customer reviews. Remember, a little goes a long way, and the gel will tint your eyebrows to a beautiful color and volumize them. If youre looking to try something long-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof, you should definitely try it out.

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3. Dont overdo it on the products

When it comes to your brows, less product is more. Dont cake on the powder or the gel, because it will look unnatural. Use just a smidge of product, and apply it until you get your ideal, natural-looking brow.

4. Use castor oil for growth

I think weve all over-plucked our eyebrows before, and it can be a pain trying to grow them back out. Castor oil can help in growing your brows to your ideal length and volume. Before you get in bed, apply the oil to your eyebrows with a cotton swab. According to Livestrong, you should notice a difference within six weeks.

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5. If youre tweezing, make an outline

The worst thing you can do when youre trying to get your dream eyebrows is over-tweeze. If you must clean up the skin around your brows every once in a while, draw an outline of where you want your brows to be with a brow pencil. Doing this will keep your shape and prevent you from tweezing inside the lines.

6. Give them a trim

One of the best ways to keep your brows looking thick and fresh is to give them a little trim. If your brows are feeling a little unruly, simply brush them upward and trim the tips with nail scissors. Just be careful not to go too short!

7. Get them tinted

An eyebrow tint is a good option if youre looking to darken the hair and make your brows look more full. Make sure you see a professional so they can get the color exactly right.

8. Dont stray too far from your natural shape

The best advice for getting perfect brows is to not stray far from the original shape. Your brows are unique to your face, so do what you can to enhance them not change them.

Getting fabulous eyebrows takes practice, time and patience, but once you master it, everyone will be asking how your got your flawless look.